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Yellow Weight Lifting Grips

$19.99 $16.99

Yellow GymPaws™ Lifting Grips help you avoid dry leathery hands.  Pretty much anything you do in or out of the gym that has to do with physical fitness can do a number on your paws.  Protect them with GymPaws™ – 100% Leather and Neoprene – cool 4 Finger Loop Design.

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GymPaws-Shoot2Weight Lifting Grips don’t just have to be for weight lifting!  If you’ve ever done pull ups, a Kettlebell Workout or Battling Ropes workout you know that having a good grip is just as important as if you were lifting weights!

GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips are the best!


They fit discretely in the palm of your hand.  By design, GymPaws® are made to protect your hands right where you need it, where your skin touches the weight or bar.  By having a barrier between your skin and the metal, you’ll reduce the friction that causes calluses to build up!

They’re made to last.  GymPaws® weightlifting grips are made from 100% Real Leather.  We all know that Leather is one of the most durable materials for workout equipment or apparel (like your gym shoes).  As you use your GymPaws® you’ll find the leather grip actually conforms a bit to your hands, making them even more comfortable.

They stay put.  GymPaws® Weight Lifting Grips have a cool Neoprene Backing with 4 Finger Loops.  Neoprene is the same material used to make Scuba Diving gear because it doesn’t absorb water.  Unlike other weight lifting grips that you only hold in the palm of your hands, GymPaws® will actually stay in place.  No need to take em on and off!

They’re for Men or Women.  GymPaws® are unisex by design.  If you’re a guy with larger hands don’t worry – there’s a slight stretch with the finger loops!

They are easy to clean.  You can toss your GymPaws® weightlifting grips right into the washing machine and dryer!  Not only do they stand up to the toughest workouts, they stand up to machine washing and drying!




GYMPAWS The Gym Glove. Redesigned | Weightlifting & Workout Gloves
7119 W Sunset Blvd, #752 Los AngelesCA90046 USA 
 • 888-826-8033

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Good Lifting Grips

Jul 21, 2016 by Hubert T

Great product! Came in quickly and really helps me out in the gym!

Fürs Krafttraining empfehlenswert

Mar 25, 2016 by Nikolai Tallen

Habe mir die Pads zugelegt, da meine bisherigen Trainingshandschuhe relativ kaputt waren.
Bisher bin ich absolut zufrieden. Habe sie nun bereits zwei Wochen in Benutzung und bin über den Grip und das Handling positiv überrascht. Ich hatte erst die Befürchtung, dass das Material zu rutschig sein könnte und man keinen optimalen Griff hätte. Glücklicherweise jedoch ist genau das Gegenteil der Fall.
Die Fingerschlaufen sind dehnbar und passen sich gut an meine Finger an. Nur der Zeigefinger weist etwas mehr Spiel auf, wobei es zu keinerlei negativen Auswirkungen im Training kommt.

Far Better Than Gloves!

Oct 28, 2015 by Bin

Just received my pair and got a chance to use them at the gym today. First I would like to mention that it feels great and very comfortable to use, I plan to use them everyday at the gym. Helps with the grip and can barely feel anything on my palms. (main reason why I got them.)
Because the grips only use finger straps to hold it in place, the hand is very breathable and easy to take off. Compared to fingerless gloves, which get very sweaty and dirty pretty fast. The few things I had a problem with is the leather smell is very overpowering and the grip is sometimes too slippery. But as I kept using them and eventually breaking them in, the smell disappears and the grip only improves!
Great gloves!

Good Alternative

Jul 09, 2015 by Nathan Lim

Don't like the rubber lifting grips bcuz they fall apart. These are leather and seem very durable!

Love em for Deadlifts!

Jan 01, 2015 by Sierra Kerb

Gympaws are super awesome! I can deadlift so much more using them and the leather means they're gonna withstand a lot of lifts, while protecting my hands from becoming calloused and rough. Plus the color selection is wonderful. I was able to get these to match most of my other workout gear! Definitely would recommend and buy again, though I know the quality means I won't need to for a long, long time.

Nice lifting grips!

Dec 13, 2014 by Tom Buryne

The shipment was prompt and the product was as advertised. These are great for protecting your hands to prevent calluses when lifting, and they're small and compact to carry/store.

Love GymPaws!

Dec 12, 2014 by Jesse Banaleas

Shipping was fast! Great service. The GymPaws are great. Comfortable. Used em today , and like how easy they are to put on and take off. The padded is side is soft.

They are really excellent. Thank you

Oct 02, 2014 by Aredime

I bought a pair of women's Gym Paws gym gloves and they are everything I wanted them to be so I'm buying the men's as a gift.
They really are excellent. Thank you!

Just bought my 3rd pair!

Aug 07, 2014 by Rodrigo

Great product! Fits perfectly in my hands, highly recommended

Gym Gloves Reviews

Jul 25, 2014 by Lilian Etchart

really great! no more blistered hands! convenient to put on and take off! definitely would buy these again!

Simple But Effective Workout Gloves

Jul 09, 2014 by AudioVisual Andy

A simple and effective product. Protects the palms from the rubbing and discomfort of gym equipment siuch as weights and rowing machines. I didn't want a pair of lifting gloves but these do the same job perfectly whilst being more discreet and less warm and sweaty to wear. I have only used them a couple of times but they are comfortable and well made.

Nice Crossfit Gloves

May 21, 2014 by Cliff Hughes

I am really enjoying using these gloves for my Crossfit workouts. They are no intrusive, and help protect against callouses. Got them promptly, and I feel the product and service has been very good.

Gran alternativa a los guantes!

May 01, 2014 by Fernando Albaladejo

No me gusta para nada entrenar con guantes, y buscaba un producto como éste. El acolchado en su justa medida, el agarre es perfecto y apenas sudan las manos, el material del que están hechos es de muy buena calidad.Todo eso unido a un envío más rápido de lo que esperaba. 100 % recomendable!

Excellent Lifting Grips

Apr 12, 2014 by KM84

I've been searching for an alternative for gloves for a while as I was starting to lift heavier and calluses where beginning to become mighty annoying for me. I searched and searched and came across these and ordered them after seeing some of the reviews. What can I say, they are excellent! A steal at the price ; nice fit, real leather so you get a nice grip and they have stopped calluses altogether. The better grip has also meant I've been able to lift a bit heavier which is excellent stuff. They arrived well before the day I was expecting (at least 3 weeks before the estimate) so I'm so so pleased. Stop looking and buy these, they are a steal.


Mar 18, 2014 by Sarah Elrod

My husband and I have been sharing a pair of these for a couple months now and love them. They are much easier to get on/off than the gym gloves I was using and much more comfortable too! We loved them so much we just ordered our second pair! So far they seem to be holding up just fine, but we aren't rough on them.

Very Good Alternative to Workout Gloves

Mar 06, 2014 by Pascal S

No more sweating Within your gloves, easy to remove and, surprisingly, very comfortable to wear while Providing a good grip with dumbbells and barbells too. Finite sweating in your gloves! They are easily removed, are very comfortable to wear while giving you a good grip.

Just What I Was Looking For

Feb 12, 2014 by Josh Linsell

I had full-finger w/o gloves for the longest time and they just look weird and never worked quite right. These things take a minimalist approach and actually provide a perfect amount of padding. Kudos to Gym Paws!

GYMPAWS The Gym Glove. Redesigned | Weightlifting & Workout Gloves 888-826-8033 7119 W Sunset Blvd, #752 Los Angeles CA, 90046 USA 4.7 5.0 17 17 Great product! Came in quickly and really helps me out in the gym!

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