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Crossfit Workouts At Home

Crossfit Workouts At Home – The Gloves Are Off

Despite the seemingly instantaneous popularity of Crossfit Workouts a couple of years ago, they are really nothing new.  The founders simply created and trademarked a brand name for their particular packaging of a series of exercises and routines.  High intensity interval tr ...

Muppet Workout Gloves

Funny Workout GIFS and Memes To Make You Laugh

Top Fitness hashtags and definitions are just about as annoying as funny workout gifs and memes but you gotta admit they can be fun to look at or at least to kill time when your butt should be on the treadmill or in the weight lifting room.  (more…)

Amazon Workout Gloves

Lat Pushdown To Build A Brawny Back

The muscles of the back are one of the largest muscle groups in the body next to the muscles of the legs and lower body. The lat pushdown is one of the best exercises for the lats that will not only help  give you a broader and brawnier back but are a great addition to mix u ...

Abs Core Workout Kettlebell

Kettlebell Core Workout For V Shape Abs On Guys

You know that v shape on guys.  It’s called the adonis belt and it’s the two grooves that runs from the obliques down to the groin area.  Certaily ab crunches and various lower body ab movements will help sculpt this muscle group but what about adding kettlebells ...

Hot Girls From Crossfit Gym

Crossfit classes are a version of a long lived HIIT workout or high intensity interval training.  Most girls like doing Crossfit because it helps them to get in some cardio to burn fat while helping them build strength and muscle. Crossfit gloves are just about everywhere th ...

Workout Gloves For Women : Workout Gloves For Women

With literally thousands of choices available from best sellers to most reviewed, buying the best workout gloves for women on Amazon can be a daunting task. Not only do variations differ by brand and manufacturer, price and availability, but men and women alike should be cho ...

Show Your Gluteus Maximus

What Is The Biggest Muscle Group In The Human Body

You can spend hours tossing weights around in the gym or busting out rep after rep in your Crossfit class, but if you don’t have a specific fitness goal for your routine you may be doing little more than burning calories.  If your goal is to lean out and burn extra bod ...

What Does Hashtag gymshark Mean

What Does Hashtag #gymshark Mean

Like it or not, thanks to the constant march of technology we live in a world where our communication has been reduced to a couple of hundred characters.  One could argue that we’re not being limited, but being more precise.  Hashtags were originally used as a easy way ...