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Hot Crossfit Girls Pics – Summer Fire

Labor Day may be the metaphorical mark of the end of summer, but technically the first day of Autumn 2018 is  Saturday September 22, 2018. So what do hot Crossfit girls pics and the end of summer have in common? It is a state of mind actually. Studies show that this time of ...

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Barehand Workout Gloves Amazon Maximize Gym Time

I was just reading a recent article on ACE (American Council on Exercise) website about 3 suggestions to maximize your time in the gym and it jogged some thoughts. Whether or not people have barehand workout gloves amazon, the amount of time wasted at the gym doing nothing i ...

Mens Workout Gloves Amazon

Amazon Weight Lifting Gloves 2018

According to a recent survey published by FITT a record number of  Americans have gym memberships in 2018.  With the US economy stronger and record unemployment, it makes sense that those with more disposable income may have an incentive to re commit to their exercise and fi ...

Low Calorie Bloody Mary Recipe

Low Calorie Bloody Mary Recipe

Assuming you hit the gym or Crossfit box a couple of times this week, why not relax this weekend with a bloody mary cocktail? This low calorie bloody mary recipe surely won’t undo all that work you did in the weight lifting room provided you don’t overdo it.  Whe ...

Crossfit Workouts At Home

Crossfit Workouts At Home – The Gloves Are Off

Despite the seemingly instantaneous popularity of Crossfit Workouts a couple of years ago, they are really nothing new.  The founders simply created and trademarked a brand name for their particular packaging of a series of exercises and routines.  High intensity interval tr ...

Muppet Workout Gloves

Funny Workout GIFS and Memes To Make You Laugh

Top Fitness hashtags and definitions are just about as annoying as funny workout gifs and memes but you gotta admit they can be fun to look at or at least to kill time when your butt should be on the treadmill or in the weight lifting room.  (more…)

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Lat Pushdown To Build A Brawny Back

The muscles of the back are one of the largest muscle groups in the body next to the muscles of the legs and lower body. The lat pushdown is one of the best exercises for the lats that will not only help  give you a broader and brawnier back but are a great addition to mix u ...