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Show Your Gluteus Maximus

What Is The Biggest Muscle Group In The Human Body

You can spend hours tossing weights around in the gym or busting out rep after rep in your Crossfit class, but if you don’t have a specific fitness goal for your routine you may be doing little more than burning calories.  If your goal is to lean out and burn extra bod ...

What Does Hashtag gymshark Mean

What Does Hashtag #gymshark Mean

Like it or not, thanks to the constant march of technology we live in a world where our communication has been reduced to a couple of hundred characters.  One could argue that we’re not being limited, but being more precise.  Hashtags were originally used as a easy way ...

Tug Toner Workout At Home

Tug Toner Workout From Home

As a Personal Trainer I obviously get asked a lot of questions about which workout will build muscle or burn fat, or what diet fads or supplements are better for getting lean or buff.  Some are legit exercise and fitness questions.  For example if you want a better booty, as ...

Hot Crossfit Gym Girls Workout

Hot Crossfit Gym Girls And The Workout They Do

#girlswholift have been giving the guys a run for their money for longer than we know.  However it seems only recently that Instagram has been bringing them to our attention!  Hot crossfit girls and the workout they do isn’t just about looking at some incredible fit an ...

Hot Fit Gym Guys Pics Crossfit

Hot Fit Gym Guys Pics Crossfit

Some call themselves #instalebrities because of their following on Instagram.  You know the guys where just about every selfie they’ve ever taken is of them donning glistening pecs and 6 pack abs? #instafit for sure!  Here are some hot fit gym guys pics fresh from thei ...

5 Things To Do To Build Bigger Chest

5 Chest Workout Tips – No Pecs No Sex

If you are like millions of other guys who go to the gym a couple of days per week, chances are your workout includes a ton of chest exercises.  Here are 5 Chest Workout Tips that you need to consider before you even set foot in the gym or weightlifting room. (more…)

Workout Gloves Amazon

What Workout Gloves On Amazon Are The Best For Pull Ups

The good ol’ fashioned pull up is still one of the best upper body exercises you can do.  What workout gloves on Amazon are the best for pull ups is one of the top search terms customers enter when looking to buy gym gloves online.  There is a reason for this connectio ...