Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves – Why You Need Them – What’s the Difference

Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves – Why You Need Them – What’s the Difference

best mens weight lifting gloves, best crossfit gloves, hot shirtless guysI remember back in the day when I was a personal training at the YMCA and it was probably the first time I looked for the best mens weight lifting gloves.  I was inspired by the endless racks of weights, the weight machines and all the other fitness equipment that most clients were using incorrectly.  As I'd  wander into the free weight room I'd observe the hardcore bodybuilders pumping out reps with moans and groans as if they were lifting a two ton school buss off their chest.  Then upon closer inspection of these behemoths (or what I affectionately refer to as meat-heads) I'd discover an arsenal of tools around them that they used to help them get better gains in the gym.   Among those zumbas- MC Hammer style workout pants I'd likely see em sporting belly belts, back belts, straps and chalk , and of course that infamous pair of old school bodybuilding gloves.  I can almost still hear the tears of Velcro as remove the sweat soaked smelly mess that was their old school weight lifting gloves and toss em to the floor.  As they dry they shrink up so Mr Meathead likely wouldn't be putting them on again during his workout because they either be a cold wet sloppy weight lifting glove or they would have dried up and been to small.  So then the next workout they moved on to their straps and chalk.   I knew there had to be a better way!


In 2013 we have better options than those bulky old weight lifting gloves, but each of those have their own faults. Let's review some of the options and the best mens weight lifting gloves.  

Power Pads came on the market first with a brilliantly simple design.  A pad that are basically a rectangle shaped spongy material that are very flexible and form to your grip.   If you haven't used them, imagine using a kitchen sponge but stickier.   They have great grip, but they're not attached to anything much less your hands.  When you let go, they drop to the ground if you don't remember to put em in your pockets.  Or you can just pick em up off the floor and hope they haven't absorbed the gross sweaty dna covered mess that's on every gym floor.Next in the evolution was a product that sought to solve the grip issue while keeping the pad quality.  

Gripads made the addition of 3 finger loops to assure that your grip pad didn't fall off your hands in between sets.  This was an awesome addition to the design.  The only problem is that the two fingers on the outside of your hands the index finger and the pinky fingers do not have any connection to the grip pad.  In theory this was likely done to offer the user more range of motion.  The big disadvantage of this design is simply physics and body mechanics.  Your fingers work in unison to complete the motion or exercise you're attempting. Looking at the digits of your hand… when was the last time you tried to pick up a weight with your index finger or pinky finger?  In addition the gripad sought to eliminate some of the bulk of their predecessor and the end result was a very thin "grip".  Sure the thin Neoprene material of these weight lifting gloves will be a barrier between your skin and the weight you're picking up, but they do not provide and padding to help relieve the pressure of the weight itself against your palm.

GymPaws are the best mens Weight Lifting Gloves  

…and they're not even gloves!  They are the next reincarnation of that old school weight lifting gloves from back in the day.  4 Finger Loops assure that all your fingers are working in unison to perform the movement.  To get a better grip you've got to have a better grip!  No one makes a fist with only 3 of their fingers!  The other improvement that GymPaws offers is the slightly padded leather palm.  This is important… Leather is better!  You don't see gym equipment seats made from flimsy fabric or spongy material.  No you see them made of leather.  It is the most durable material you can use.   Because GymPaws weight lifting grips have a slightly padded leather palm they also help ease the pressure of the force bearing down upon your hands.

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