Robin Hall | Los Angeles Personal Trainer | Kiwi Embassador

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Robin Hall | Los Angeles Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

Robin Hall | Los Angeles Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach
los angeles personal trainer robin hall, best crossfit glovesI'm a Los Angeles Personal Trainer who was born in England and grew up in New Zealand where an active lifestyle, a connection with nature and a love of adventure became an important and indelible part of my life. New Zealand is my home and foundation. I am a “Kiwi” which is an affectionate name referring to people from New Zealand. 
I love the nature available throughout California and also a spirit of adventure that like New Zealand, is alive and tangible in this wonderful city, state and country. My love of self-development, personal growth, spirituality and exercise is infectious and inspiring. I am a born entertainer and performer and use these qualities to help people and facilitate their greatest success and potential.  My goal is to help all my clients live to the fullest, be the healthiest and look and feel their best everyday of their life.  I believe in you. Even though I have not met you I am filled with an innate optimism of your unlimited potential as a miraculous creation.   I am a personable personal trainer and comedic coach with fantastic communication skills and a great sense of humor. You will laugh as you grow. I am a wonderful friend and a partner who wants to help you to be your best you and create an ever better world. A seasoned craftsman of challenging boot camps, I bring years of athletic experience to each early morning workout. I unveil.  Not only do I provide original workouts garnered from my years of experience and teaching: spin, weight training, pilates, yoga, triathlon to name a few, but I also provide wisdom from my life experience and also teachings that inspire me from contemporary athletes to the great spiritual leaders. This is truly and synergy of mind, body and spirit, encouraging you and steering you to lead your strongest and best life. I am an Ironman, a Stair-climbing champion and an outdoor enthusiast.  I truly enjoy pairing my passion for active lifestyles with my passion for self-development and personal growth and with generous friendly motivation.  As a Los Angeles Personal Trainer,  I find no trouble teasing out toned figures from my flock of devotees amid the natural beauty of Southern California. I want my clients to be team members, Kiwi lifestyle ambassadors who takes what they need to from the workouts and uses it to make the world a brighter, better place. Certifications: AAFA - Kickboxing Certification YMCA - Group Exercise Instructor NESTA - Personal Trainer AAFA - Indoor Cycling YMCA - Healthy Lifestyles AAFA- Pilates Total Gym - Gravity Group Training  

Robin Hall is a Los Angeles Personal Trainer,  Lifestyle Coach,  and YouTube personality. He embodies the New Zealander "kiwi" lifestyle, connection with nature and love of adventure. Connect with Robin to learn more!

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