Miami Personal Trainer - Steven Wesley -NASM Certified

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Steven Wesley | Miami Personal Trainer

Steven Wesley | Miami Personal Trainer
miami personal trainer steven wesleyI'm a Miami Personal Trainer based in Weston, Florida.  As a former professional athlete and now NASM certified personal trainer who teaches his clients on how to gain mental toughness and self-discipline. Being a former athlete playing football at a high level in college at the university of Miami and also a couple years professionally has helped me learn and understand a lot when it comes to the details that function the body. Being a former athlete has most importantly showed me the hard work, discipline, and consistency it takes in order to get the results you want from your body. Knowing that you have to combine both nutrition and being active is the major ley in living a healthy lifestyle and will boost the results in your process.
When it comes to my workouts I like to combine both training inside and also outside to give you more variations. I believe that when you continue to switch up your training regime it becomes a lot more challenging because then you don’t get bored while also having your muscles not get use to doing the same movements repeatedly. A lot of my clients are those who are looking to lose 20 lbs or tone up while dropping body fat. I like to use a variation of circuit interval training using resistance bands or body weight exercises in a plyometric form. By doing high intensity exercises, you get your metabolism going at a fast pace which is the main key point in burning fat. Being a Miami personal trainer, communicating with my clients on their goals is very important. You have to be there for your clients in their ear giving them the motivation that they need in order to be successful in what they are trying to accomplish because when they do accomplish their goals it’s a very happy thing to see.  

Former professional athlete and NASM certified Miami Personal Trainer Steven Wesley believes mental toughness and self-discipline is the key to achieve your fitness goals.  Resistance bands training, kettlebell workouts and circuit training are just a few of his favorite routines to keep clients' motivation high.  Contact Steven to set up a Personal Consultation today! � �

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