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Best Butt Workouts – Exercise Video Demo

Best Butt Workouts – Exercise Video Demo
What are the best butt workouts?Best Butt Workouts not only make your booty look cutie but can help you burn calories and get lean too!   How would doing some squats or deadlifts help you carve v shaped abs or sexy arms?  Your leg muscles aren't just for getting around, they're the powerhouse of the body.  In fact your gluteus maxiumus is the largest muscle in the body.  It's also the most superficial as in fake but superficial as in most "close to the surface." We all know that muscle expends energy.  That is to say that muscle burns calories.  So if you're askin the largest muscle group in the body to work a little bit harder, it makes sense that you're going to burn more calories.  A sleeker, sexier you is obtainable if you start incorporating some of the best butt workouts!  Here are some exercises you can do right at home!

3 Best Butt Workouts

1. The Bridge Lay on the floor with your feet flat and knees bent.  Imagine your pelvis is being pulled up towards the ceiling.  Squeeze your glutes at the top and relax at the bottom or end of the movement. 2. Kick Out Get your butt back on the floor!  This time start in a crawl position on all fours. Kick your right leg out behind you.  These are also referred to as Donkey Kicks for obvious reasons.  The goal isn't to just sit there and kick - you again want to squeeze your butt in the upper movement.  Focus on getting your heel/ foot higher than the level of your back. 3. Kettlebell Roman Deadlift If you don't have Kettlebells at home you can use anything that has some weight.  You can make a makeshift kettlebell by tossing something heavy in a grocery bag like a gallon of milk / water.  Starting in the standing position with feet shoulder width apart and holding your kettlebell in your hands, lower it towards the ground.  As you return to starting position concentrate on driving your weight back through your heels and again squeezing your butt tight throughout the movement.  With this exercise as you return to your starting position imagine thrusting your hips forward (although you're not actually doing that). It doesn't matter if you're in the weight room at the gym or in your living room in front of the tv - the best butt workouts can be done anywhere!    

Los Angeles Personal Trainer Corey White began his fitness career as an elite Professional Track and Field athlete.  Hi focus of Personal Training specializes on Balance and Coordination, Strength Training, Create and Dynamic Circuit Training.  Corey is NASM and NCSF Certified.

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