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Best Triceps Exercises | Triceps Pushdown

Best Triceps Exercises | Triceps Pushdown
First of all the best triceps exercises are the ones you're actually going to do.  If you're going to read this post and expect your triceps to grow thru osmosis you can stop reading.  If you're not going to put the time in at the gym, you're not going to get the results you want.  The Tricpes Pushdown is one of the most common triceps exercises performed in the gym, and easily one of the exercises most often done incorrectly.  So if you're a bonefide meathead or a gymrat in training, here's a quick review on one the most effective exercises you can do in the gym!
What is the Triceps Muscle?  The Triceps Brachii Muscle is also called a three headed muscle (hence "tri).  This refers to three groups of muscles that join together at the elbow joint.  The primary responsibility of the triceps brachii is extension of the elbow joint. Get Bigger Triceps - why?  Well for guys it's a no brainer.  Bigger triceps mean bigger arms and a thicker, more solid, and "fuller" look.  Ladies however should be paying attention to their triceps muscle as well.  One of the biggest complaints from women is that unsightly flap of arm mush that waves like a flag in the wind when they wave at someone or hail a cab.  The Triceps Pushdown is one of the best exercises for men or women, from beginner to advanced to tighten up and build the arms. Tricpes Pushdown Proper Form: 1. Get your GymPaws™ Lifting Grips on andStanding in front of a pulley / cable machine, choose a high starting point for the pulley and use a straight or angled bar.  You'll be using an overhand grip with palm facing downwards 2. Stand tall!  You shouldn't have a 45 degree angle between you and the cable and you also shouldn't be grazing your nose on the weights as they move up!  You will naturally have a slight lean in towards the weight as you perform the movement. 3. Bring the bar down towards your waist in a slow controlled motion.  THE single most important tip is in this step... keep your elbows in tight and close to your body! 4. Hold the bar at your waist for a second or two to keep the contraction, then slowly begin to control the weight in it's upward movement.  Remember... don't let the weight move you!  Your job is to work against gravity and control both the positive and negative motion.

Los Angeles Personal Trainer Riley Daye is an ACE Certified Lifestyle Consultant and Personal Trainer.  Contact Riley if you're in the Los Angeles area.

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