Kettlebell Workouts Burn Fat and Build Muscle

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Kettlebell Workouts Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Kettlebell Workouts Burn Fat and Build Muscle
kettlebell workouts burn fat and build muscleWhether you are a professional athlete or just a beginner, kettlebell workouts are simply one of the best workout regimes out there to do. The reason why I say this is because you can manage to have a heart pumping heavy sweating full body workout building muscle in your shoulders, legs, and your core with one piece of equipment. When conducting kettle bell swings, you not only build muscle, but also cut body fat which is the most important process. The intensity that using this piece equipment brings is why that people of all ages and sizes are starting to implement kettle bell training into their workouts because it’s a go to when wanting to see results.
Kettlebells first started in Russia but close to 10years finally made it to America and can be seen being used in any crossfit training workouts out there. The most popular kettle bells used today are cast iron made but as of lately there have been productions of rubber kettle bells which are just as good. Unlike dumb bells the kettle bells center of mass is below the hand which puts a more resistance on your body while training which makes you work more than one muscle group at a time. Kettle bell allows for swing movements and release moves while using gloves for added grip for your wrist, arm and core strengthening due to the shifting fill material. One of the great things about  kettlebell workouts is that it eliminates a lot of use for other unnecessary equipment. I say this because you can do so many variations of exercises as snatch pulls, squat press, bend over row and kettle bell swings just to name a few that will give you a high intensity full body workout. Almost If not every exercise you do using a kettlebell will have you working out multiple muscle groups at the same time which why you get the results given while using this equipment. While wearing a pair of gloves for supported grip, conducting just a 30 minute body circuit will leave your body dripping in sweat from the challenges given by working with this equipment. Since I have been using kettlebells with my clients I have been able to implement a lot more variety with my workouts which means it becomes more exciting and less hard work. My clients have all seen faster results in muscle development cardiovascular endurance while conducting kettlebell workouts.

Former professional athlete and NASM certified Miami Personal Trainer Steven Wesley believes mental toughness and self-discipline is the key to achieve your fitness goals.  Resistance bands training, kettlebell workouts and circuit training are just a few of his favorite routines to keep clients' motivation high.  Contact Steven to set up a Personal Consultation today! � �

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