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How To Avoid Germs At The Gym – 2018 Workout Warfare

Happy New Year! We're not even a week into 2018 but millions of us have resolved to tackle our exercise and fitness resolutions. While your dedication will pay off, being careless at the gym could make you sick, especially during flu season this year! What do you think ...

2018 Best Gym Gloves

Fitness and Workout Gear 2018 – Smash The New Year

The holiday season is behind us for the most part. 2018 is just days away and if you're like millions of other people, you're getting ready to take on yourNew Year's Resolution. Developing a better fitness, exercise, or workout routine is among one of the top re ...

AHFP Survety Best Workout Gloves 2017

AHFP Survey Best Workout Gloves 2017

The American Health and Fitness Professionals just released their annual survey of the best exercise and fitness gadgets, gear, and equipment and for the 4th year in a row, GymPaws® topped the list of Best Workout Gloves 2017. Whether you're using them for Crossfit, ...

Do Not Buy A Used Tug Toner Online

Do Not Buy A Used Tug Toner Online

It's the holiday shopping season and you may be looking to buy a Tug Toner online but are you getting the real deal? A tug toner is a great example of piece of exercise equipment that you'd use for dynamic resistance training. You don't need gym gloves or any sp ...

Fitness Gift Ideas

Etsy Personal Trainer Gift Basket

What kind of present do you buy someone who goes to the gym or works out a ot? Lot's of people search for Etsy personal trainer gift basket with the hopes of finding that perfect stocking stuffer. Before you spend good money online, you should first know what kind of wo ...

Workout Gifts For Women

Workout Gifts For Women and No 1 Reason They Skip The Gym

According to SHAPE Magazine over 75% of women say that they would like to workout more, and they skip the gym more than they should. These ladies said there's one reason above all that causes them self sabotage their exercise and fitness goals.Not even the most perfect ...

2017 Best Weightlifting Gloves

How To Breathe When Weightlifting

As you know, your weightlifting, Crossfit, or everyday gym workout involves more than just pushing and pulling weights. Of course proper form and technique are the most important goal, as well as the composition of your workout itself including warm up and cool down periods ...

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