The Best Gym Glove… Isn’t Even a Glove! 

Everyone’s talking about GymPaws™ Gym Glove!  As part of the GymPaws™ Affiliate Program you can earn money from promoting the Brand on your website!


Q:  What is an Affiliate Program?

A:  An affiliate program refers to a special online program where affiliate webmasters promote a product or Brand on their own website and earn a commission on sales.  When a customer on your website or blog clicks on a GymPaws™ banner, the activity is tracked and if they make a purchase, you earn commissions!  It’s that easy!

Q:  How do I become an Affiliate?

A:  Right now you can sell GymPaws™ Gym Gloves as an Amazon Associate.  What’s cool about the Amazon Associate Affiliate Program is that you don’t just earn commissions on GymPaws™ sales, but on anything your customer buys on Amazon!  Signing up as an Amazon Associate is free and it’s pretty easy.  Just click here and follow the steps.  Once your account is created you can place GymPaws™ product links on your website or blog and start earning money today!

Q:  Do I have to have a website?

A:  You do not!  Traditionally Affiliate Webmasters were just that…guys and gals that built and managed websites and earned commissions by promoting other people’s products.  With today’s online environment, and Affiliate can earn money promoting products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, or Emails.  Maybe you’re a GymPaws™ fan and want to tell all your friends about it on Facebook or via email… now you can earn some extra cash doing it!

Q:  How does it work exactly?

A:  As you sign up as an Amazon Associate you’ll create an account and tell Amazon how you’d like to be paid.  It really only takes a few minutes.  Then just find GymPaws™ on Amazon, create your unique tracking code and start sharing away! An Amazon Product Banner will look like this on your site:

Q:  This is still a little confusing to me, is there someone that can help me?

Yes!  The GymPaws™ Marketing Team is here to answer any questions you may have and they may even be able to help you to increase exposure to your own website and generate traffic!


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