You have a lot of choices when you’re searching Amazon Rowing Gloves, but are you sure that you are about to buy a product that will work for what you need it to? Here’s the difference between a workout glove and rowing glove….

Despite what those boneheads in the gym may believe, not all hand protection is the same. People commonly assume that a pair of gloves is a pair of gloves.  If you wear them for your workout then they’re workout gloves, and if you wear them for rowing then they’re rowing gloves.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any professional or college athlete will know that the tools and gear they use for train for or perform their sport is specific to the sport.  It’s the common gym goers or weight lifting bros that don’t seem to get this.

Amazon Rowing Gloves

Rowing Gloves are also referred to as sculling gloves. Their main purpose is to prevent blisters from developing from the repetitive friction caused from the row movement itself. Many mistakenly thing that rowers use them to get a better grip but that’s actually not the case.

Executing a full row range of motion requires a natural hand rotation around the shaft of the oar.  Gloves that stick to the oar eliminate this rotation and can cause injury to the wrists and forearm.

Actual row athletes who search for amazon rowing gloves know to look for gloves made from leather because the material still offers the protection against friction without inhibiting movement.

That’s one of the reasons GymPaws became popular so quickly!

Gym goers who like to incorporate rowing into their workout routine tend to gravitate towards traditional weight lifting or crossfit gloves, simply because they don’t know any better.