With the news that Apple has just become the world’s first trillion dollar company, one can wonder what’s in store for Amazon.  They are already the biggest online retailer in the world selling everything from apples to toilet plungers among millions of other products.  With all of those choices, how do you know you’re getting the best product.  After all, you are really just looking at pixels on a screen. When it comes to the gym and weightlifting, it seems like people are even less picky about what they spend their money on.  The best barehand workout gloves Amazon for example.  Do you go with the gloves that are the top seller that day?  What about gym grips that have the most customer reviews?  When you think about it, buying online is no different than swiping left or right on Tinder, and just hoping what shows up suits your needs.

Best Barehand Workout Gloves Amazon

Many people still hit the gym or cycle through their Crossfit class barehand and it may seem like gloves aren’t even on their minds.  The reality is however that at one point or another they did choose a pair of workout gloves maybe even on Amazon and either lost them or didn’t like em for some reason.  As a team of professional athletes, coaches and personal trainers here at GymPaws we know all the excuses in the book.  While some who choose to throw the weights around barehand or jump from their pull ups to battling ropes at Crossfit without any hand protection may think that calluses are a badge of honor, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Barehand V  Workout Gloves

Barehand Gloves or Grips

When the skin is exposed to excess pressure and friction repeatedly the body’s natural defense is to build up calluses.  Left untreated this hardened skin can become dry and crack leaving you exposed to nasty germs and bacteria.  So that’s the gross part.  Just think of how many people sweat on the weights or machines at the gym.  Have you ever seen anyone actually cleaning them?  No.  So workout gloves act as a barrier against all this grossness.  But there are more reasons to get the best barehand workout gloves Amazon too.

Athletes in every major sport wear some sort of specialized gloves either for their sport in competition or for training.  Yet those that are into exercise and fitness at the same level don’t think twice about enhancing their efficiency.  They’re more concerned about the image they see in the mirror.  Workout Gloves increase your confidence, enhance your grip, ease hand fatigue, and protect against calluses.  They should be just as much part of your routine as a pair of gym shorts or shoes you may buy online at Amazon.

No Barehand Workout

You can find GymPaws on Amazon of course at https://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws or right here on our website where you can checkout with Paypal, Amazon or a credit card.  Feel free to browse customer reviews too.  Look for those that mention specific exercises at the gym like weightlifting or pull ups, because they will likely be real customer reviews.