The origins of the term is unclear, however if you have RBF you need to know how to change your Resting Bitch Face stat!

It’s commonly believed that the term originated in the early 2000’s.  After the dot com bubble burst around this time, the internet started developing into a most user friendly technology.  Simultaneously social media platforms began to emerge and users had vehicle to share their real time thoughts and opinions with the world.

What Is RBF

Resting Bitch Face describes a facial expression or appearance that is angry, discontent, or annoyed when the individual in question is relaxed or isn’t trying to express any particular emotion.  For generations psychologists have long studied how our nonverbal body language and facial expressions influence another person’s perception of us. However it was the birth of facial recognition technology over the past decade that actually catapulted the term resting bitch face into the lexicon of the general population.

How To Change Your Resting Bitch Face

Believe it or not, but there have actually been published studies about softening the appearance of RBF. If you have been told more than once to lighten up or put a smile on your face, you may need to consider some changes.

  1. Calm down with the injections! Cosmetic injectibles such as Botox or Restylane do their job by freezing certain facial muscles so as not to cause wrinkles. While your skin may look smoother it’s likely you’ve also frozen those facial muscles responsible for conveying emotion. Take a look in the mirror or snap a selfie while you practice showing happy expressions.  If you don’t see a difference between them, then it’s time to let the Botox wear off!
  2. Pay attention to your bad habits. Do you routinely squint when working on your laptop or driving at night?  That may indicate a need for an eye glass prescription update.  Those scowling frown lines are a sure fire way to end up with permanent RBF.
  3. Take care of your skin. If you’re the one asking how do you change your resting bitch face then you have to assess everything you have to work with. A good skincare routine is crucial to keeping your skin nourished and hydrated.  Every time you wash your face you should follow with a quality vitamin C face serum to immediately replenish the skin.  Of course you should follow this with a moisturizer.

Just as a post workout shake is important for fueling your body after a grueling sweat sesh at the gym, each time you wipe that sweat off your skin you’re also wiping away natural moisturizing oils. Keeping your skin soft and healthy is one of the best ways you can change your resting bitch face.

How To Change Your Resting Bitch Face