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Unlike most companies that produce Gym Gloves and Fitness products, we’re a small team of REAL Personal Trainers.

We’re not just some company that produces a cheap product to turn a buck.

We design fitness gear for performance!

This month my friends at the companies below have partnered with GymPaws® to take part in our giveaway to loyal GymPaws® Fitness Fanatics.

  1. Fitbit Flex – You probably all know about Fitbit.  They hit the fitness market big time in 2014 with their cool fitness tracker wrist bands!  It’s a cool lil gadget that even links to your iPhone or Droid (as well as your computer).
  2. Plemo Backpacks – You can read my full Plemo Backpack review here.  This is a cool bag that doubles as a work back.  My favorite thing about this pack is that it has an external mesh bag to store your sweaty gym clothes!
  3. Quest Nutrition – Quest is based here in Southern California and they are sold worldwide.  The main reason I like working with these guys is that they don’t just push weightlifting supplements, they find creative ways to incorporate their protein powders and products into your everyday lifestyle.  It’s not just for diehard bodybuilders.
  4. Freshbody Products – With product names like “Freshballs” and “Freshbreasts” how could you NOT wanna see what this product line is about!  I wrote a detailed review here about the Freshballs product.
  5. Cayman Fitness – Is a chiropractor / physical therapist owned company that produces Fitness / Exercises Resistance Bands.  I’ve tried MANY different brands of bands and these are by far the most durable.
  6. GymPawsThe Swolemate” and “The V02Max” Gym Gloves – While obviously I love my original GymPaws® Lifting Grips I realize that some people still prefer using a full workout glove.  I decided to see what I could do to improve upon the gym gloves options that are on the market, and came up with two high-performance and tailored options!

This month my Personal Trainers and I will chose winners for each package and notify you!  Every month we’ll have new products and once you “enter” you don’t have to again!

Just leave your Amazon Product Review, then email me a link (URL) to your review, and that’s it!

Thanks again for your support.  I hope you get good use out of your GymPaws® products, and I hope you enjoy all the cool stuff from our sponsors!



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