There are over 1 million products listed in the exercise and fitness category on Amazon.  In comparison at a big box retailer like Target there are few hundred.  It’s no wonder that gym rats and fitness buffs have a hard time finding the right workout gloves Amazon.  Who actually takes the time to research and learn the difference between weight lifting wraps, gym grips, or hand pads?  We’ve complied a buying guide of sorts to help you navigate all this gear.

Amazon Workout Gloves

First thing first.  If you’re looking to add some hand protection to your arsenal of fitness gear and gadgets, you need to figure out what your expectations are.

For example do you want to be able to do more pull ups in your Crossfit class?  Traditional weight lifting gloves would be horrible for this.  Imagine all that sweat running down your arms into your gloves!  You’d love to take them off in between your WOD stations but you can’t because you don’t have time.

Amazon Workout Gloves For Men

If you like swinging the kettlebell around to tone shoulders and core muscles, you may feel sometimes that the damn bell is gonna swing right out of your hands.  In this instance, the issue is probably that the weight is too heavy for you, you’re not executing proper form, or your physical grip is weak.

Probably the number one quality the majority of people look for in workout gloves Amazon is grip.  Yet they fail to understand what grip is.  Any glove or hand protection that sticks to the weight or bar like rubbery gripads are dangerous.  When you eliminate natural hand rotation you risk serious injury to your wrists.  Not to mention your entire form will be compromised.

Another thing people overlook is material.  You may spend 10-15 hours every week using your workout gloves Amazon, yet do you even know what they’re made from?  Synthetic fabrics and faux leather are basically compressed felt. They absorb sweat and moisture but lack the ability to wick it away.

GymPaws Workout Gloves

Leather is the most durable material for any gym gear, but it can be hot and cumbersome, especially if you’re prone to sweaty hands.

The answer is to look for hand protection that combines the best features of all of them.  GymPaws Original Leather Lifting Grips are the original alternative to gym gloves.  The slightly padded leather palm allows for natural hand rotation and offers protection of a glove, without the added bulk.  The exclusive Neoprene blend fabric absorbs sweat AND wicks it away from your skin.  Lastly, the 4 finger loops keep them in place so you can easily move from one exercise to the next.