Most people who aren’t a fan of the traditional gym glove look for a fingerless workout glove for hand protection. But how are weightlifting grips different?  Most products do a relatively good job at preventing calluses from working out.  But few actually enhance your exercise and fitness routine.

How To Prevent Calluses From Working Out

Story Behind GymPaws Fingerless Workout Glove

The no brainer answer to this is simply to wear gloves.  However people with sweaty hands may dispise a glove because it just makes them sweatier.  This is especially true during a Crossfit workout where full finger gym gloves can make things worse.

Think about the material and construnction of your typical glove.  No think about how many times during your weight lifting routine that you use the back of your hands for anything.  Of course you don’t.  So what the point of all this excess, heat and moisture trapping material?

Fingerless Workout Glove vs Grips

Here’s the deal…  GymPaws were the OG alternative to traditional gym gloves.  We are  team of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, and pro athletes and coaches.  We decided we were sick of gripads or rubber grips.  They can actually cause injury because they stick to the bar or weight vs allowing for natural hand rotation.  None of us were really a fan of half finger gym gloves either.

So started by getting rid of the parts that served no purpose.  That was 80% of the glove!  Then we focused on finding an optimal amount of padding.  Just enough to ease hand fatigue, but not too much to reduce tactile sensation.  A couple of us started killin it with lat pull downs and squats.

Fingerless Workout Glove by GymPaws

Next we tried out hundreds of types of material for the back of our fingerless workout glove.  We ended up have a custom textile created that is similar to what they use for military scuba gear.  We knew that leather had to be the palm of the grips for sure.

Lastly we probably sized up the fingers of 300 people to arrive on the perfect size for the stretchy finger loops.  They had to be nearly one size fits all.  The result was the original GymPaws weight lifting grip.

The WEEK we launched the product we were contacted by the CEO of Crossfit, and a week later we were the number one best selling “exercise glove” on Amazon.  The rest is history.

Years later GymPaws are still the #1 go to for a fingerless workout glove.  The difference is now we’re on nearly every country on the planet!