Fingerless Gloves Men or Women

Fingerless Workout Gloves For Weight Lifting Video Review

We rarely think about our hands everyday other than maybe as we’re putting on moisturizing cream or clipping our finger nails.   The human hand is the most nimble and versitile appendage of any species on earth, yet the average person probably knows more about their biceps than their fingers and hands.  Here are some interesting facts:

What Muscles Are In The Fingers

The human fingers actually have NO muscles. So of course the next question is what makes the finger move?  Your forearm muscles are predominantly responsible for the force generated by the hand and of course this muscle group works with those of the palm. So if you’re at a Crossfit class and doing a battling ropes workout for example, after a few seconds your lower arms probably start burning like a wildfire. The reason is because it’s the muscles of the hands and forearms that are on the front lines doing the work.   The fingers have no muscles but rather are connected to the forearm muscles via long tendons that act as pulleys of sorts and transfer the energy of motion to the fingers.

Fingerless Workout Gloves

When it comes to weight lifting or exercise the main reason people tend to have issues with exercises that require a strong grip, is not due to the lack or type of workout glove used.  The actual strength of the muscles of the forearms wrists and palms determine if you’re going to be able to hold onto that pull ups bar or kettlebell for any duration of time.  The fingers may not be a powerhouse muscle group of the human body but they are ground zero when it comes to one of the most important senses we have….. touch.

Have you every seen your dog or cat get a piece of tape stuck to their paws?  Their instinct of course is to freak out not only because they feel that foreign object, but also because it reduces the sensation of their paws. People instinctively have a similar response.  For this reason the vast majority of us who go the gym or workout,  prefer fingerless workout gloves.

Fingerless Gloves You Love

We created GymPaws specifically because we wanted a product that offered the benefits of a traditional half finger leather glove which protects the hands but still allows for maximum air circulation and doesn’t inhibit movement of the fingers. Btw you can buy any of our fingerless gloves or other fitness products on Amazon  at or of course right here on our website.  You can use your Amazon account to check out or Paypal or major credit card.

Our original GymPaws weight lifting grips are made from genuine leather.  99 percent of gym gear manufacturers who make gloves or grips use cheap synthetic materials.  We prefer the real thing.  Not only is leather the most durable material but it will conform to your specific grip over time just as your favorite gym shoes do.