Are Workout Gloves Good?

Everyday millions of health conscious people at least try to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Eating a properly balanced diet is crucial. Physical activity is just as important if not more so. Going to the gym for a workout has become a habit ingrained in our daily lives.  However there are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to maximize the results of your fitness routine.

Are Workout Gloves Good?

As a Personal Trainer for over 15 years, this is probably one of the most frequent questions I’m asked. Whether you’re using 2019 technology and fitness wearables to track your progress, or sweating it out in a new pair of gym shoes, your gear won’t define results. Commitment, proper technique, and pushing yourself to the max are the only factors that truly effect your exercise goals.

Workout Gloves Buying GuideAre workout gloves good?  Yes.  However some hand protection is better than others.  Just as there is sport specific training equipment, workout gloves are often designed for specific uses in the gym.

Tips For Choosing the Right Workout Glove

Weight lifting straps are extremely useful for performing deadlifts, snatches, or lat pull downs.  The wrap acts as a lever of sorts, transferring the stress of the load from your hands to your wrist and forearm.

  • Best for full range of motion, pulling,  big muscle group lifts. Examples: deadlifts, lat pull down, snatches.

Gripads are another type of workout glove, and they may be the most poorly designed.  Grip pads are constructed of rubbery material similar to that of your desktop mouse pad. They do offer cushioning of the hand, but because they stick to whatever you are grasping your natural hand rotation is stunted.  You could cause injury, not to mention they fall off while you’re transitioning between sets.

  • Good for exercises that require smaller range of motion.  Examples: biceps curls, triceps dips.

Half Finger Workout Gloves are good and one of the most commonly used workout glove designs.  They are basically a regular winter or work glove, with half if the finger removed.  This allows for tactile sensation which means you can feel the weight or handle that you’re grabbing at the gym.  The issue with half finger gym gloves is they can be cumbersome and make your hands sweat.

  • Not bad for people who don’t sweat a lot.  Works well as an all purpose gym glove.

GymPaws are a hybrid of all of these options.  We took the good features of gym gloves and re-envisioned them using 2019 science.  The annoying and useless parts of the glove, like bulky excess material we stripped away.

  • The best choice for people who enjoy a diverse weightlifting or gym routine incorporating different exercises. Example: Crossfit, HIIT (high intensity interval training), bodyweight exercises, and split day weight lifting routines.

What you’re left with is the ultimate answer in 2019  to the question Are Workout Gloves Good? Yes. Yes they are!