Best Weight Lifting Gloves

best weight lifting gloves, crossfit grips, grip pads, gripadLooking to buy the best weight lifting gloves or grip pads for you your weight lifting workouts?  What about some crossfit grips? You might be quickly disappointed with your grips pads if you don’t first consider what benefits you’re expecting from your new favorite fitness accessory.

First of all, what are grip pads and what do you use them for?  Grip pads are a pad or type of gym glove that one uses to protect your hands from calluses that weight lifting can cause.  Grip pads do not actually increase your grips strength and they certainly won’t make you stronger!  It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the many options of grip pads available before buying.

What are the different types of grip pads available?   The options vary greatly, and to find the best weight lifting gloves and you’ll be best served by doing your research.  Customers are happy to review their fitness accessories and you’ll find that Amazon in particular is a great place to find the top rated exercise gloves or crossfit grips.

Grip pads or lifting grips or weight lifting grips as they’re also referred to vary in construction and use. You will ideally want to look for a leather grip pad as leather provides the most protection from weight lifting and crossfit workouts.  A grip pad with 4 finger loops is also preferred over those with only two or three finger loops.  Grip pads with 4 finger loops just tend to stay in place better and afterall the whole point is to get a better grip.

You’ll find that grip pads are popular among weight lifters simple because those are the gym goers who have the most contact with the rough metal weights.  We all know that weight lifting can cause calluses to build up on your hands, and most people have found that a pair of leather grip pads help to avoid this problem.

Keep in mind that those grip pads that are made soley out of fabric material will provide far less protection than their leather counterparts!  Everyone knows that leather is better, and that applies to grip pads lifting grips as well!

Lastly, pay attention to how big your new grip pads are.  Some are nothing more than a big rubbery sponge that you hold in your hand when performing weights.  One use and you’ll find they are not the best weight lifting gloves.  Not only is this a totally inefficient product because it doesn’t actually stay in place, but it is also restrictive to movement!  You want a grip pad or crossfit grips  that fits right in the palm of your hand, cuz afterall that’s where you need the protection!