Muppet Workout Gloves

Funny Workout GIFS and Memes To Make You Laugh

Top Fitness hashtags and definitions are just about as annoying as funny workout gifs and memes but you gotta admit they can be fun to look at or at least to kill time when your butt should be on the treadmill or in the weight lifting room. 

Nick Jonas Workout Gloves

It’s been reported that Nick Jonas is a fan of light weights and high reps as well as high intensity interval training.  He’s also been spotted wearing his workout gloves walking out of Brick Crossfit in West Hollywood.

Funny Workout GIFS Homer

Brought to life in 1987 on the Tracy Ullman show and as it’s own sitcom in 1989 this funny workout gifs is Home Simpson himself putting in as little effort as possible on his treadmill.  If you go to the gym or workout on a semi regular basis you know you’ve seen this person at some point “working out.”  Homey also make our list of the Top Fitness Hashtags as someone’s Swolemate.

Funniest  Fitness Memes and Gifs

The late 1970’s and decade of the 80’s are known for combining disco and pop hits to aerobic training.  Millions of people got their cardio by jumping around in silly exercise outfits.  While they sure did work up a sweat, no one can be sure that it outweighs how silly they looked doing it.

Muppet Workout Gloves

For some reason anything to do with puppets or muppets seem to make for funny workout gifts and memes.  Maybe because as art, it is a reflection of ourselves and how silly something can be especially when it comes to exercise and fitness.

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