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Amazon Prime Day 2017 Best Workout Gloves

Millions of people are shopping on Amazon today for Amazon Prime Day 2017.  On July 11, 2017 you can save up to 60% on millions of products from exercise and fitness gear, to home and garden products, to office supplies!  Shopping online has become the norm so much so that brick and mortar shopping malls across America are starting to board up windows and close shop!  So what should you be looking for on Amazon Prime Day 2017 Best Workout Gloves or anything else your little heart may desire?  Well we have you covered with one of our ACE Certified Personal Trainers and his video reviews of what's hot and what's not. 

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Best Workout Gloves

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Best Workout Gloves

GymPaws® workout gloves Amazon have been one of the top rated grips for 5 years and counting! The reason is pretty clear if you're a diehard Crossfit or weightlifting fanatic.  To start with, GymPaws® is the ONLY workout gloves or grips on the market that was designed by our team of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Professional Athletes and Coaches. Why does this matter?  When you're shopping for your products online, keep in mind that millions of them are produced by no name giant manufacturers who produce everything from toilet brushes to Crossfit and workout clothes.  Jack of all trades, master of none so to speak!

Made of 100% genuine cowhide leather, our gym grips are designed to be durable and long lasting.  There is a reason why gym shoes are made from leather and no cheap synthetic faux materials, because leather is one of toughest materials when it comes to fitness and exercise gear.  The ergonomic design allows the slightly padded palm to be cradled in the palm of your hands without getting in the way of your grip or inhibiting movement.  This is super important because many bulky bodybuilding gloves can actually cause you to compromise form.  Bad form can lead to injuries. 

We use a state of the art Neoprene blend fabric to complete these hand crafted workout gloves.  It is the same material used for military grade scuba diving gear.  It is hydrophobic which means that it resists moisture.  If you're one of the millions of Crossfit or workout guys or girls that often gets super sweaty hands, you will definitely appreciate this!

Lastly, the 4 finger loops actually make GymPaws fit like a full glove! They won't fall off or slip inbetween sets or exercises.  You can literally put them on and forget you're wearing any hand protection at all!

2017 Best Workout Gloves

We sell all of our workout stuff right here on the website of course, where you can check out using your Amazon account or PayPal or a credit card.  In addition you can visit our full catalog directly on

Ask your Personal Trainer what they think of GymPaws®.  Or better yet, when you see someone at the gym using them, tap them on the shoulder and ask them what they think. You won't be surprised to discover that they really are Amazon Prime Day 2017 Best Workout Gloves!