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Millennials Need To Get A Grip

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Are you into weightlifting, Crossfit, or any type of weight training at the gym?  Congrats, you and millions of millennials have yet another thing in common besides losing their grip strength due to hours spent thumbing through Instagram posts and Tindr pics.  

Recently the Huffington Post wrote about this phenomenon and it's actually a real thing.  237 people between the ages of 20 and 30 tested, both men and women were tested to find out their lateral pinch strength.  This info was compared to a similar test done in 1985 on the same age group.

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Your lateral pinch strength is the amount of pressure you can generate between pressing your pointer finger against your thumb.  The pressure generated is a direct result of your grip and hand strength. The study goes on to say that the weakness is due to millennials spending more time on their devices and less time doing manual labor or functional training. 

GymPaws Gym Grips

You may be able to bench press hundreds of pounds or bust out dozens of Crossfit knees to elbows, but those aren't movements and activities you would do in normal every day life.  Functional training on the other hand mimics common movements throughout your day.  For example, deadlifts are a great exercise  because it is the same movement used everyday picking up a box or bag of groceries. 

Wearing hand protection at or gym gloves doesn't reduce your grip strength.  That's a myth that some meathead bodybuilder came up with.  The opposite is actually true.  Because you're reducing the natural friction between your weight and the skin, the muscles of your hand and forearm are more effectively engaged.  

Not only do millennials need to get a grip, but really everyone who's into working out really should. You can buy GymPaws weightlifting grips right here on our website using Amazon to checkout or Paypal or any major credit card. You can also check out our full catalog on