best biceps exercises for d

What Are The Best Biceps Exercises For Size And Definition?

best biceps exercises for d

Let's assume you've been hitting the gym hard for the past couple of months, you have your favorite gym gloves and workout gear already and you're looking to break the plateau and your workout to the next level. It's time to do some homework to figure out how to get the most from every minute you spend in the gym.  If you've ever wondered what are the best biceps exercises for size and definition, we may just have the answer!  According to a study facilitated by ACE (American Council on Exercise) these are the best biceps exercise you can do!

What Are The Best Biceps Exercises For Size and Definition?

Most of us workout to get the benefits of weightlifting of course, but we also don't just want to be pumping iron in the weight room and training for hours on end without seeing progress.  When it comes to the biceps guys care about size and most women focus on definition and tone.  Just as you have your favorite gym gloves and fitness gear, you likely also have your go to or favorite exercises.  Just like those lifting grips you're using, not all biceps exercises are as effective as others.  ACE (American Council on Exercise) commissioned a study from the Clinical Exercise Physiology program at the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse to once and for all discover the best biceps exercise that stands out and above the rest. 

Best Biceps Exercises For Women

Suns out Guns Out

The study involved 8 men and 8 women between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. Eight of the most common biceps exercises were studied including:

  1. Cable Curl
  2. Barbell Curl
  3. Concentration Curl
  4. Chin-up
  5. EZ Curl Wide Grip
  6. EZ Curl Narrow Grip
  7. Incline Barbell Curl
  8. Preacher Curl

The researchers affixed electrodes to the participants on their Biceps Brachii, Anterior Deltoids, and Brachioradialis while also using and EMG machine to measure total muscle activity. Obviously each participant was closely monitored to assure that each exercise was performed with proper technique and form. 

The Best Biceps Exercise

After crunching the numbers, the Bicep Concentration Curl came out on top!  It elicited a significantly higher muscle activation than any other of the exercises.  While the study showed which is the most effective bicep exercise, that doesn't necessarily mean that the concentration curl is going to the the best exercise for size and definition. Huh?  The concentration curl proved to be the most effective exercise because of the 8 biceps exercises tested, this movement focused more energy and workload on the Biceps muscle directly, whereas others like the chin-up or EZ Curl incorporate a lot more muscle groups to complete the movement. 

In order to actually get bigger biceps or sculpt out definition, you need to use this information and apply it to your specific workout.  This is where a Personal Trainer may be a great resource for you.  You're only going to increase size, but lifting heavy and progressively as you progress though your training routine.  To develop definition, you would likely need to introduce higher reps and relate your biceps workout to your entire exercise routine.  You'll need to lower your bodyfat while maintaining muscle mass to see those cuts that you're shooting for. 

In the end, knowing what are the best biceps exercises, or the best gym gloves doesn't really do you any good if you're not doing the work!  A kickass week or two of workouts isn't going to get you the results you want.  It takes a total lifestyle commitment and consistency is key!

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