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What does a Deadlift, Crossfit Knees To Elbows Pull Ups, Triceps Pull Down and Battle Ropes exercise all have in common?  You can perform all of them better with a good pair of hand pads for gym gloves! While millions of people are busy rushing off to the gym and Crossfit box to pursue their 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, most of them have the wrong hand protection tucked away in their workout bags!  We’re going to break down the difference between grip pads, gym gloves, Crossfit hand protection and weightlifting gloves and give you a quick buying guide as well!

Hand Pads For Gym

These became popular a couple of decades ago around the same time that computer mouse pads were introduced.  Don’t see the link?  They’re the exact same thing!  Your computer mouse pad usually has some sort of fabric on one size to help the mouse move more easily, while rubbery grip pads are just simply that.  Rubber.  Not only do they tear apart easily with just about any Crossfit WOD or weight training exercise, they actually inhibit movement!

Despite what some ill-advised fitness enthusiasts may think, your hands are NOT supposed to stick to the bar or weight!

Take a look at any gymnast in training and you’ll see that the bar or weight should move naturally in your hand.  The “grip” for your hand protection needs to come from your grip strength, not the rubbery gripads you just overpaid for.

Hand Pads For Gym Gloves

Some people really don’t like wearing half finger gym gloves. In fact that’s the reason we developed our original leather GymPaws® Lifting Grips.  The excess material can inhibit movement, make your hands sweaty, and reduce tactile sensation.

Crossfit Hand Grips with Wrist Support

If you want to get the benefits of wearing a workout glove, without all the added bulk we have a BRAND NEW product for you!  The GymRat WOD Leather Hand Grips with Wrist Support!

Crossfit Wrist Support

  1. 100% Genuine Top Grain Cowhide Leather – These aren’t made with the cheap faux leather fabrics that all the others are!  In addition they won’t fold over, get stuck or bunch up when you’re busting out that Crossfit WOD!
  2. Slightly Padded Leather Palm – You don’t just want hand protection to avoid calluses, you need to ease hand fatigue and pressure as well.
  3. Cotton – Elastic Woven Fabric Wrist Support – with the Velcro® closure you can achieve a custom fit.  The wrist support ads stability to your wrist and forearm which increases confidence and performance.