what does potassium do for your body

Sodium and Potassium Formula | Lower Blood Pressure and Lose Weight

The Sodium and Potassium Formula takes place in your body everyday. Lower blood pressure and lose weight by learning how.

Function of Potassium in the human body

The heart uses potassium to work properly.  Found in many foods, potassium is one of 13 essential minerals our bodies require everyday.

Potassium is a mineral (and electrolyte) found in many foods.  It is needed for several functions of your body, especially the beating of your heart and nerve function. In addition potassium helps regulate fluid levels in the body and effects muscle / nerve function.  The cells of the body pump potassium IN.

Function of Sodium in the human body

Sodium is also an electrolyte and essential mineral. Sodium chloride is the chemical name for salt.  It regulates the amount of water in your body, and it also plays a part in nerve impulses and muscle contractions.  Cells pump sodium OUT of cells.

Sodium and Potassium Formula – The Dynamic Duo

These two minerals are a lifetime marriage of sorts and we should be thankful for that.

Both sodium and potassium are essential minerals, that once ingested into the body become electrolytes that conduct electricity!

Our cavemen ancestors consumed potassium easily because it is abundantly available in roots, leaves, fruit, vegetables, and flowers.  Our blockhead distant cousins consumed up to 11,000 mg of potassium a day.  Today we barely get 3,500 to 4,700 mg a day.

The body learned to hold onto sodium for survival because it was so scarce. As a result, the human body can actually survive on very low levels of sodium or salt.

Hot Sweaty Guy Needs Potassium

We eat too much salt in 2021.  However the body’s naturally programed to hold onto it.  This creates more blood volume, which can cause higher blood pressure or even headaches.

The Arabic word “suda” gave birth to the english word salt. Suda means “a splitting headache.”

Weight gain can result from the python like sodium has on water  Too much salt and not enough potassium to chase it away equals water weight gain.

High blood pressure medications act much like potassium. Diuretic pills are often prescribed as well  to help eliminate excess water.

Potassium is the main electrolyte  that  determines the amount of water inside the cells. Conversely, sodium is the main electrolyte that determines the amount of water outside the cells.

Get These Two Powerhouse Minerals in Check

Flush sodium out of the body naturally by getting more potassium foods like blueberries (try my recipe for high protein Blueberry Muffins )  If you simultaneously reduce your sodium intake you’ll change your sodium/potassium ratio.  Because water follows sodium, and potassium chases after both to get them out, you’re very likely to lower blood pressure and lose weight! 

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