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Weight Lifting Supplement Reviews

weight lifting supplement reviews, hot girl pics, buy bcaa supplements, best whey proteinIf you’re looking for weight lifting supplement reviews you already know the basics… or your personal trainer, friend, gym buddy or co worker suggested you try some out.  Keep in mind there are a ton of products on the market that promise you’ll lose more weight, build more muscle and have more energy – but when it comes down to it, nothing will take the place of puttin in the time at the gym!

Beginners Guide Weight Lifting Supplement Reviews:

1. Creatine

Creatine’s probably one of the most studied supplements on the market.  It’s also one of the few that have viable and scientific proof of its effectiveness.  Before you run out to stock up on mounds of Creatine do your homework and make sure it will support your fitness goals.   Creatine will give you some bulk pretty quickly.  For guys this is great cuz they want bigger (everything).  For women who’s goal it is to lean up might not be as fond of the extra gain initially.   Don’t get too excited or stressed however,  because the initial “bulk” is do to the increase of water and or fluids being held within the muscle cells rather than actual muscle growth.  The long-term benefits of Creatine however can be an increase in muscle size / strength.  It alone doesn’t build muscle, but rather allows your body to workout harder and recover better – thus fueling muscle growth.   Dosage should be defined by your personal trainer, but on average 1-5 grams before and after workouts should do the trick.

2. Whey Protein

Yeah for Whey!  Whey Protein is the richest source of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) of all the nutritional proteins.  It is also one of the easily digested proteins.   Within an hour to an hour and a half its muscle building amino acids are delivered thoughout the bloodstream.  Studies have shown that when participants consumed a combo of whey protein, creatine and glucose (or carb food source) immediately before and after training they gained up to an 80% increase of muscle mass over a 10 week period.  If you’re new to working out and are checking out weight lifting supplement reviews – whey should definitely be a staple!

3. BCAAs

BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids are naturally occur in protein sources such as dairy, legumes, and meat. On a molecular level, 3 essential components (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) form a branched chain chemical structure.  The true superstar however is leucine, and it’s necessary for muscle growth. Leucine activates muscle-protein synthesis in the muscle cells which means the potential for muscle growth.  These 3 BCAAs can be used by the body’s muscles as an energy source as well, which is why you want to take them before or after your workouts – but as always you should ask a knowledgeable personal trainer’s advice as well!