3 Types of Crossfit Pull Ups | Exercise Video Demo

3 Types of Crossfit Pull Ups | Exercise Video Demo

3 Types of Crossfit Pull upsCrossfit workouts kick your a$$ there’s no denying that!  While millions of people because familiar with this circuit style of training thanks to the popularity of the Brand, it’s important to know that all of these exercises existed long before anyone heard of the word Crossfit.  So these 3 types of Crossfit Pull ups may indeed be done as part of a Crossfit #wod but they’re about as old as the pull up bar itself!
Strict Pull Up
Kipping Pull Up
Butterfly Pull Up


Strict Pull Up

Also called a dead hang or standard pull up, the strict pull up means that your starting position is from a static hang and you cannot use momentum to complete the movement.

1. While standing beneath the pull up bar, hop up to grab the bar.  Allow your body to hang statically (without moving).

2. With a supinated grip (palms facing towards you) pull yourself up until your chin is just above the bar.  Lower yourself to beginning position.

The strict or standard pull up is generally the most difficult because you’re not using any momentum.

Note:  The difference between a Pull Up and a Chin Up is the type a grip you use.  If you’re using a Pronated Grip (palms facing away from you) you’re technically doing a Chin Up.  If you’re using a Supinated Grip (palms facing towards) you’re doing a Pull Up.

Kipping Pull Ups

Wearing a pair of gloves for pull ups is going to help you ease hand fatigue / pressure as well as improve your grip.

1. Grab the pull up bar and start by “kipping” which means you’re swinging your body forwards and back at about the waist / mid section.

2. The energy forward should be matched by the energy back.  As your feet come forward, your butt comes back.

Your shoulder joint is acting as a pivot or fulcrum.

3. Once you’ve mastered the kip, you can introduce the pull up into the equation. Here’s a great example of proper form for the Kipping Pull Up.

Butterfly Pull ups

1. Again, get your pull ups gloves on and grab the pull up bar.  This one is the hardest to learn, however it is the most efficient. Instead of generating momentum from the waist, you’re actually generating power from the legs.

2.  Technically with the butterfly pull up you’re “kipping” as well, however unlike the kipping pull up, you’re not pulling yourself towards the pull up bar, you’re pulling yourself up and over the bar.