Crossfit Compression Knee Sleeves

Compression Knee Sleeve For Crossfit

A compression knee sleeve from Crossfit can help you max out your deadlifts during your workout, but pay attention to what it is you're actually buying. Some knee sleeves and support are better suited to weightlifting while others are designed to be used from endurance and cardio vascular training. Regardless of which type you choose it's good to do your homework and research customer reviews online as well as as around your gym or Crossfit box. 

Compression Knee Sleeve For Crossfit

At GymPaws® we're not just designing the best gym gloves for Crossfit or weightlifting buy we look to improve as many aspects of your workout or training routine as we can. When we launched GymPaws Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips they quickly became a favorite go to hand protection for Crossfit Knees To Elbows and Pull Ups and people soon realized that they could use their grips for everything in the gym from biceps curls to deadlifts.  We saw a need for a superior Compression Knee Sleeve and designed the BOA® knee sleeve. 

What Do Compression Knee Sleeves Do?

They help to brace the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the knee joint. Our BOA® Knee Sleeves are ergonomically designed to provide maximum support laterally (on the sides of the knee).

Sleeves can increase recovery times as well. The pressure and heat that is a result of wearing knee sleeves is similar to wrapping an injured joint.  Helping to circulate nutrient and oxygen rich blood to the effected area. 

Compression Knee Sleeves For Crossfit

Maximize your lifts in the gym or weight room by the added support and comfort that knee sleeves offer.  We designed our Compression Knee Sleeve For Crossfit to be slightly thicker (and more durable) than others that you can buy online.  They aren't going to be great for running or exercises where you need full range of motion and mobility.  Crossfit Knees To Elbows, Clean and Jerks, and deadlifts are all examples of where a Compress Knee Sleeve For Crossfit could be beneficial for you. 

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