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WTF Did Chris Pratt Get A Tug Toner on Amazon?

Are you one of the few people that haven't heard of the tug toner on Amazon?  This mysterious product supposedly for sale at Walgreens has been the fascination of millions since it's infomercial was debuted a few years ago. This superhero's workout is obviously keeping him shredded for the big screen, but WTF did Chris Pratt get a Tug Toner?

Tug Toner Amazon

A Chris Pratt workout definitely includes smashing out rep after rep of free weights weightlifting at the gym. It even incorporates some of the standard Crossfit WOD exercises like clean and jerks and old fashioned bodyweight moves like pullups and pushups.  However, it definitely does not include the Tug Toner and  no matter how much you search, you can't buy one online, at Walgreens, eBay or Amazon!  In fact, you're about as likely to find a Tug Toner as you are to see a white unicorn galloping through your gym.  It doesn't exist people!

While it is a funny commercial and video, it's just a spoof that aired a couple of years ago on Jimmy Kimmel. Even though it's a figment of someone's imagination it actually is based on a very real exercise physiology concept of Dynamic Resistance training. You can see our full post about a dynamic resistance training workout right here: http://www.gympaws.com/fitness/dynamic-resistance-training-tug-toner

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