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Which 6 Pack Are You? | 6 Pack Abs Workout

crossfit gloves, 6 pack abs workout, shirtless guysLet’s face it, getting 6 Pack Abs is hard!   Doing more crunches or following your favorite 6 pack abs workout is great, but until you focus on maintaining a clean diet you’ll likely never see that elusive washboard!  Let’s review some basics.

The workplace is one of the biggest threats to your diet and a healthy lifestyle.  Think about it… when was the last time a co-worker brought in a plate full of fresh veggies or fruit for your Monday morning meetings?  More than likely there’s a box full of carbohydrate or fat laden treats like donuts or bagels for you to graze from.  Sure a tempting donut here and there is certainly acceptable, but next time you are tempted to scarf one down with your cup of coffee consider this:

► There’s about 195-200 calories in one doughnut and on average about 10 grams of fat. Let’s assume you just have one tasty treat a week, that’s about 800 calories per month.

►Even with the best 6 pack abs workout – you would need to spend over an hour doing ab crunches or about 35 minutes of walking to burn 200 calories.  So one donut per week each month would mean 2-4 hours of exercise just to burn it off!

While this is obviously an extreme example, it does illustrate how what may be small seemingly insignificant choices can effect your fitness goals!

The purpose of ab muscles is to keep our bodies in alignment and to facilitate movement.  If you want those 6 pack abs you’re going to have to assure you follow a clean and lean diet, and incorporate some muscle building exercises to train your ab muscles as you would any other muscle group!

Try adding these exercises to your 6 Pack Abs Workout

Weighted Ab Exercises include those movements that incorporate some sort of resistance other than your body weight and gravity.  Things like the medicine ball crunch would be a good example or even a dumbbell side bend to work the obliques.

To do a dumbbell side bend, put on your workout gloves and grab a dumbbell.  Standing upright and looking straight ahead, hold the dumbbell to one side and tilt your body to the side holding the dumbbell.  Imagine you’re dumbbell side bends, crossfit gloves, 6 pack abs workout, workout glovesallowing it to graze your thigh down to your knee.  Return to the upright position for a complete rep.  Remember, when you’re doing the dumbbell side bend, your focus is on the side NOT holding the weight.  This is the muscle group responsible for counteracting the weight on the opposite side.

Regardless 6 pack abs workout you choose to try to get those sexy v shaped abs, remember “you are what you eat” may be the deciding factor that determines which 6 pack you’re closer to achieving!