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Swolemate Meaning

Swolemate Meaning

Swolemate Meaning

You don't have to be a social media master to know that hashtags are dominating our communications these days.  Working out and fitness is no exception.  Within seconds you can search nearly any body part, or exercise on social media and find thousands of posts or tweets relating to them.  Most are self explanatory like #tricepsday or #legsday, but others are a bit more ambiguous.  So what is the Swolemate meaning?

Swolemate Meaning

Find Your Swolemate

It's pretty simple really.  A swolemate refers to a workout buddy or gym partner.

Swolemate [swohl-meyt]  is a play on the word soulmate.  The difference I guess, is that a soulmate is someone for whom you have a deep affection or connection to, and a swolemate is someone who sees you at your worst... all sweaty at the gym!

Swolemate Meaning

The swolemate meaning goes a bit deeper as well.  The prefix of the word "swole" was coined in the world of weightlifting.  It refers to the natural, temporary pump you get when training a specific muscle group.  As you workout a muscle group, you're actually facilitating a complex chemical and biological process. Your body delivers oxygen rich blood to the muscle as a response to the natural stress it's under.  This process delivers nutrients to the cells as well as carries away byproducts.  You don't need to be in a weight room to get that pump.  Get on the floor and bust out a couple reps of pushups and you'll  see the temporary swole in your chest (pecs).

Swolemate Meaning - Workout Adherence

One of the biggest advantages / reasons for having a swolemate or workout buddy is workout adherence.  Having another person to whom your accountable, usually results in higher program adherence.  On those days you're feeling sluggish or unmotivated, your gym buddy might offer that extra bit of encouragement to get you into the gym!


Rodiney Santiago is a IFA Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. He's available for one on one Personal Training as well as Online Consultations.  His new Fitness Membership website will launch in  2015. Read Rodiney's Full Bio Here.

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