Workout Gifts For Women

Workout Gifts For Women and No 1 Reason They Skip The Gym

According to SHAPE Magazine over 75% of women say that they would like to workout more, and they skip the gym more than they should.  These ladies said there's one reason above all that causes them self sabotage their exercise and fitness goals. Not even the most perfect workout gifts for women are going to remedy the issue. So what is the number one reason women skip the gym? 

Workout Gifts For Women

The number one reason women skip the gym according to SHAPE comes down to one of the most basic human emotions.  Fear.  Not fear of knowing how to do a biceps curl properly or fear of wearing the wrong gym gloves.  It is fear of being judged by others. 

Workout Gifts For Women


It's not surprising at all.  While men might not be as willing to admit that they feel the same emotions, just gaze into the weightlifting room and you can see them act out their feelings. Sure they may want that washboard stomach or rippling chest, but they're also keenly aware of how their competition stacks up. 

One of the best workout gifts for women, or men for that matter, is something that they can use, without question.  Don't give them a pair of "fab" letics workout pants or gym shirts.  What if it's too small, or too big?  You're not going to give them shoes.  A decent gym bag can set you back a hefty sum.  A pair of gym gloves that are versatile are the perfect gift that won't cost you much more than $20.

You can read thousands of GymPaws® reviews on Amazon USA, Europe, Canada, or Mexico and see that REAL women and men use our grips for real workouts. They're designed to feel like a glove without all the extra bulk and padding as traditional weightlifting gloves.  Get em on Amazon here or use your Amazon account at checkout here on the website, or Paypal or any major credit card. 

Fitness Gift Ideas For Women

The most important thing to consider when gifting someone who likes to workout, is show them that you put some thought into their hobbies without making any suggestions.