Steering Wheel Exercise – Shredded Shoulder Workout

When it’s time for shoulder workout day the Steering Wheel Shoulder Exercise isn’t as common as most that you may be used to.  Regardless of fitness level, it’s a relatively easy movement to master. 

Steering wheel exercise is really just a variation of the standard Plate Raise for shoulders .  Anytime you can incorporate smaller more precise movements into your shoulder workout the better. The delts are not a big muscle group and you actually don’t need a ton of weight to start packing on muscle.

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Steering Wheel Shoulder Exercise

1.  It’s important to choose a starting weight that is lighter than what you may do for a shoulder plate raise.  Master the hold and rotation before you go heavier.

2.  With feet shoulder width apart hold the plate with both hands and arms should be parallel to the floor. You don’t really need workout gloves for this exercise, but a pair of GymPaws will help you maintain a tighter grip.

3.  This is key… keep your abs and butt super tight.  This tip actually applies to most free weight exercises in your workout.  Your core and butt muscles keep you body steady and stable.

4.  Rotate your hands back and forth from left to right.  Duh… like you’re at the wheel of your car.

5.  Pace yourself.  You’re not winding a watch here. This is a great exercise for your favorite song in your workout playlist.  Count one beat left, one beat middle, one beat right etc.

After about 30 reps on each side, slowly lower the weight and set it down.  Shake those arms out, or maybe stretch the rear dealts. After 45 to 60 seconds start your second rep.

Steering Wheel Exercise Tips:

–  As mentioned above, keep the core and glutes tight throughout the movement.  For beginners it may be a good idea to just practice without a weightlifting plate.

–   This exercise is going to make your shoulders scream.  The lateral and delts (sides of shoulders) are going to feel the burn from the turn.  Front of shoulders or anterior delts will be doing most of the work to hold the plate lateral to the floor.