2017 Back and Biceps Workout

OMG Back and Biceps Workout Gloves 2017

When it's time for your back and biceps workout gloves may not be the first thing you think of.  Working the large muscles of the back and smaller muscles of the biceps and rear delts usually involves pulling exercises like pull ups, rowing and deadlifts. Gym grips don't do the trick because they don't really stay in place.  Especially the rubbery gripads that stick to the bar. They don't allow for natural hand rotation and that can throw off your form. Here is a couple of exercises to add to your back and biceps workout gloves not included!

Best Back and Biceps Workout 2017

Running The Rack Back Biceps workout

A couple of years ago we wrote a post called Killer Back and Biceps Workout along with an exercise video demo and it quickly became one of our most popular posts. You can check it out here http://www.gympaws.com/workouts/biceps-exercises/killer-back-and-biceps-workout You'll also see a great demo for 12 Battling Ropes Exercises. 

Not only were GymPaws®® Original Leather Weightlifting Grips called the best workout gloves 2017 but this is one of the best biceps exercises to start building some muscle. Keep in mind when you're doing a back workout you're also doing a biceps workout whether that is your intention or not. The biceps are engaged in virtually every back exercise you can think of. If you're biceps are under developed or trained they will be weak, and it WILL effect how intense your back workout is. 

Running The Rack Biceps Curls

This is one of our favorite training routines to add to an already effective back and biceps workout gloves or grips are going to be helpful here.  Your goal is to fatigue the biceps brachii muscle, not your hands. 

This is a pretty well described video.  Basically you're starting with a mid to light weight and working your way up "the rack" of dumbbells in 5 lb increments doing a small number of reps, and then heading back down the rack without rest.  That sequence completes one full set.  You can also do this workout with a cable machine by using the weight pin to change the weights in the appropriate increments.  

2017 Back and Biceps Workout

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 Killer Back and Biceps Workout