2016 Weightlifting Gloves Reviews

2016 Weightlifting Gloves Reviews

Weightlifting Gloves Reviews

Whatever your workout of choice, at some point you’re probably going to want to buy some sort of hand protection. Whether you call them Crossfit Gloves, Weight Lifting Grips, Workout Gloves or hand pads, you’ll want to watch these 2016 Weightlifting Gloves Reviews from some of our Certified Personal Trainers.

GymPaws Original Weight Lifting Grips

We designed our original lifting grips to be versatile and used for any exercise or workout routine you can think of.  Basically they give you the benefit of a full half finger weightlifting glove, without all the extra bulk and excess material.  Here are the key features:

  1. Slightly padded genuine cowhide leather palm.  Leather is the most durable material when it comes to fitness or gym gear.
  2. Four finger loops help them to fit like a glove.  You have four fingers, your lifting grips should as well.
  3. They’re moisture resistant.  We use military-grade Neoprene which is the exact same material used for scuba diving gear.  You can even toss these gym gloves in the wash machine and dryer if you’d like.

2016 Weightlifting Gloves Reviews

The GymRat WOD Hand Grips with Wrist Support

This is the newest addition to our workout glove catalog. It combines the benefits of our GymPaws Original Leather Lifting Grips with added wrist support.  These are especially popular as crossfit gloves.

Crossfit Hand Grips with Wrist Support

  • Exclusive Cotton/ Elastic Woven Fabric Wrist Straps w/ Velcro Closure for maximum support and a custom fit.
  • Slightly Padded Palm eases hand fatigue while protecting against friction causing calluses.
  • 4 Finger Loops keep these WOD grips in place! You have four fingers, your grips should too! This helps keep the grips in place as you move between exercises in your Circuit. No bunching or folding fabric to slow you down.