Ultimate Battle Ropes Workout

VIDEO DEMO: Ultimate Battle Ropes Workout

Battling Ropes are one of the most simple pieces of exercise equipment in the gym, but don't be fooled by them! This Ultimate Battle Ropes workout will leave every muscle in your body screaming for a vacation! The ropes are not difficult to master, but they do require good grip strength.  If you don't have that, you soon will! Watch this exercise video demo of 12 battling ropes exercises you can do today!

Ultimate Battle Ropes Workout

12 Ropes Exercises For Crossfit WOD or Weight Training

  1. Alternating Big Waves:  With this exercise you're creating big waves in the ropes by pumping each arm up and down. You'll definitely feel this in the front delts!
  2. Alternating Small Waves: Same as the above exercise, but this one requires you to have more control of the ropes using less momentum and more muscle power. 
  3. Clockwise: Wax on, wax off:  This battle ropes exercise will hit those shoulders again and you'll feel it in the lateral delts.  
  4. Jumping Jacks:   Thiese aren't your grade school PE class jumping jacks!
  5. Power Slam:  This move will start to fatigue your biceps and triceps.  Remember with any of the ropes exercises, it's important to keep your core muscles tight.Battle Ropes Workout
  6. Russian Twist:  Skip the oblique crunches!  The Battle Ropes Russion Twist will engage the core and oblique muscles and get you on your way to sculpted v shaped abs. 
  7. Shuffle: Do the alternating waves that you learned, but shuffle your arms from side to side.  You're going to start feeling it in your glutes!
  8. Side to Side Waves: Sweep the floor and sweat the fat away! 
  9. Ski Steps: You'll be killing your quads and glutes with this one!
  10. In and Out Waves with Squat: Do these squats and you'll be bouncing quarters off that bum in no time!
  11. Counter Clockwise Circles: You learned this one already, do the same movement but in the opposite direction.
  12. Hip Toss This is another great abs and obliques workout.  As you slam the ropes to ether side, squeeze the obliques as you would to do an obliques crunch.

Grip strength is crucial for the Ultimate Battle Ropes Workout or any of the exercises.  The muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm will be engaged the entire time that you're doing these exercises.  It's very possible that you'll start to feel the burn pretty early on, but don't give up.  Those tiny muscle groups are going to tire before you've had a chance to really work the larger ones.

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