Diet To Get Leaner

Diet To Get Leaner

One of the most popular questions I get asked from clients is “how can I diet to get leaner.”  The answer is really very simple.  Small changes to your diet that you adhere to consistently is key.  The biggest problem most people face when they’re trying to make changes to their body composition is that they make drrastic changes, see quick results, and then lose those gains because they resort back to old behaviors.

Diet To Get Leaner

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Diet To Get Leaner Breakfast

Breakfast is important because essentially you are “breaking the fast” of not eating since your last meal which was likely 8-10 hours from your last meal the night before. Some people think that by skipping breakfast they consume fewer calories and that in turn will help them lose weight or lean out, but your body doesn’t work that way. Studies show that those who skip breakfast actually end up eating more later in the day because they’re even hungrier.  Also, keep in mind that if you’re lookiing to diet to get leaner you need to make sure that you’re consuming enough protein and calories to maintain and support muscle growth.

2. Snack Smarter

Diet To Get Leaner - Rodiney Santiago

This seems like a no brainer, but it bares repeating.  There’s nothing wrong with snacking when you’re trying to diet to get leaner.  The problem comes from what you’re snacking on.  Are you a crunchy food junkie? Swap out chips or crackers for almonds.  Yogurt and fruit are better options than candy (obviously) if you have more of a sweet tooth.  If you’re a fan of salty / crunchy snacks, try something like Quest Protein Chips! You’ll be satisfying your need to crunch, but not destroying all your hard work on those v shaped abs!

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3. Be Conscious of Portion Sizes

Diet To Get Leaner

People who think that they are eating healthy, may in fact be making good food choices, however they don’t see results because they’re still consuming too many calories.  Understanding portion sizes is something most American’s really don’t understand.  Sure it’s easy enough to look at a food label to see how many calories or how much protein something contains, but you should be paying attention to portion sizes!

4. Drink Your WATER! 

You can't build muscle or lose weight without water!

Not only do you need to watch what you eat, but also you need to keep in mind of what you are drinking. Most people consume astronomical amounts of calories from beverages without even noticing it. Remember that water is what you should be downing through ought most of the day! Be conscious of the juices and chemically infused sodas you can purchase and of course those high caloric frappichinos! Coffee is okay, just keep it basic and in small doses.

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