Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Voted Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves

gympaws weight lifting glovesEvery month for the past year,  GymPaws® have been rated the #1 Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves – and they’re not even gloves!  Weight lifting fans, Crossfit / Bootcamp enthusiasts, Gym Rats and Weekend Warriors across the Globe have fallen in love with Gym Paws.  The vast majority of customers and fans have realized that they don’t need to be wearing bulking weight lifting gloves to get the hand protection and grip that they need.  Workout your body, not your hands!

Q:  Who Uses GymPaws Weight Lifting Gloves?

1. Those who already use weight lifting gloves. Millions of American’s hit the gym everyday.  Personal Trainers, Athletes, Coaches, and serious weight lifting fans either love wearing some sort of hand protection, or they haven’t found something they like.  This group of fitness fanatics composes about 60% of our GymPaws® customers.  For those that prefer to use hand protection, have long ago realized that wearing a weight lifting glove not only helps them to avoid getting calluses but it improves their grip.  A better grip on the weight or bar can mean more confidence and a better workout!  Some die hard gymrats have tried many weight lifting gloves and lifting grips only to be disappointed.  They feel like they’re hands get too hot and sweaty or the lifting grip is too cumbersome and inhibits their workout. best mens weight lifitng gloves, weight lifitng grips These are the men and women who have really put Gym Paws to the test, and they’re the primary reason why GymPaws are the Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves!  They realized that they don’t need a full weight lifting glove to get the protection and grip that they need, and those that have sworn off weight lifting gloves all together have become huge fans!

2. Newbies to working out. The second group of fans consists of those that are either new to workout out, or have never really given some sort of hand protection a thought.  They might puruse the juice bar shopping area at the gym, but they’re likely not going into a major sporting good store to shop for workout gear.  In a nutshell… they don’t know that they need weight lifting gloves yet.  They may still think that rough, dry, callused hands are just a by product of working out!

Q: Why Are GymPaws Voted Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves?

They’re brilliantly simple by design.  The slightly padded leather front fits discretely in the palm of your hands.  This is the ONLY place that you actually need something between your skin and the cold hard weights. You don’t lift a weight or do a pull up with the back of your hands.  You don’t need the extra bulk and material there. Best Weight Lifting Gloves GymPaws® Neoprene backing and 4 finger loops keep the grips in place.  Neoprene naturally wicks away sweat and moisture so no more worrying about smelly sweaty build up. As the only Genuine Leather Lifting Grips on the market, GymPaws® has managed to carve a niche for itself among serious gym fans and part timers alike.  Men love the durability and quality, and women love the ease of use and compact design.  Regardless of who you are, you gotta try a pair… all the cool kids are doin it!