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Weightlifting Gloves For Barbell Chest Rollout

Barbell Rollout Exercise for Chest

What are the best weightlifting gloves for Barbell Chest Rollout and how do you execute the exercise?  Working the chest muscles is probably one of the most common workouts in the gym for both men and women.  A well sculpted chest on guys is the epitome of a sexy physique and women benefit as well from the extra “perkiness” that well trained chest muscles provide.  Here’s a great chest exercise that you’ve probably never even done before.

Barbell Chest Rollout Exercise

This can also be called bodyweight flys for chest.  Instead of laying supine on a bench (meaning face up), you’re actually performing these flys in the face down or prone position.  You can use either dumbbells or barbells, which ever you feel most comfortable with.  Wearing a pair of weightlifting gloves is option of course like with any exercise, but trust me they will help.  Here’s the video and a detailed list follows:

  1. Grab two dumbbells or if you’re using EZ curl bars like in the video demo, load each end with equal weight.
  2. Get on your knees and grab each dumbbell with both your right and left hands.
  3. Proceed to lean forward creating a plank, with your arms straight under you.  This is your starting position (center). Your weight is resting on your toes and dumbbells.
  4. Slowly rollout each dumbbell out to the side and back in to center.  This completes one repetition.

The Best Weightlifting Gloves for Barbell Chest Rollout

GymPaws® are the original Leather lifting grips.  You don’t want to use the cheap rubbery grip pads or others similiar to it because as with most exercises, you don’t want your hands stickiing to the bar, the bar needs to rotate naturally within your grip.  Leather is the most durable material when it comes to exercise and fitness gear.

Weightlifting Gloves For Men

GymPaws® Weightlifting Grips have 4 Finger loops that fit snugly, creating the same effect as wearing a full gym glove but without all the extra bulky material.  We only use the best quality military-grade Neoprene and 100% Genuine Italian Leather for our gym gear!

Whether you’re looking for gym gloves for women or lifting grips for men, GymPaws are the best option because they are unisex in size.  They are designed to be compact, fitting in the palm of your hands to give you solid hand protection from friction.  The slight padding eases hand fatigue without being too bulky to interfere with movement or hurt your grip on the weights.

They make an awesome Fitness Gift Idea for someone who works out as well!