Annoying Fitness Hashtags Definitions

More Annoying Fitness Hashtags Definitions

Annoying Fitness Hashtags Definitions

A couple of years ago someone asked me what does #swole mean?  Of course no one know who coined the phrase swolemate, but it stuck. So much so that it inspired the Swolemate Gym glove. Not all hashtags are as popular of course. Here's a list of more annoying fitness hashtags definitions. 

It's funny that the little number symbol on someones keyboard became a way to "quickly" organize messages by topic.  The problem is that most people overuse them in an effort to get as much attention to their Instagram or social media profiles as possible. 

More Annoying Fitness Hashtags and Definitions

#gymtime – Because everyone needs to know that you're going to the gym, even if it is to stand there for 10 minutes waiting for someone to be done with the pec deck. 

#beyourbest – Lots of people seem to think they're a motivation to others. Regardless it is a nice little encouraging message. 

#youcandoit – See above ▲

#instahealth – This one is kinda funny actually. Of course it refers to Instagram.  Do a search for it sometime.  Check out how "healthy" the rest of their posts are

#gymmemes – Okay that's just stupid. Do you really need to label the meme you post as a meme?  

#fitbudz – This is kind of a take off of Swolemate.  I have yet to find someone who refers to their fitness or workout partner in person as a swolemate or fitbud for that matter. 

#legionofboom – Not sure where this came from but I definitely know that the weightlifting supplement company 1stPhorm uses it incessantly.  More annoying fitness hashtag definitions flood through every day it seems.  We'll keep tallying them up.  Btw some of them really are useful.  If you're looking to buy a new pair of gym gloves online it's not a bad way to come across GymPaws Lifting Grips or Workout Gloves and see what people have to say and what they're using them for!