Kettlebell Workout 2019

Best Kettlebell Exercises and Workout Gloves

Virtually nothing burns calories while building muscle better than a kettlebell workout.  For this reason you’ll find some of the best kettlebell exercises at most Crossfit gyms.  Adding coumpound movements to your 2019 fitness routine will help you reach those New Year’s resolutions in no time.  Here are some of the best kettlebell exercises as well as suggestions for ideal workout gloves.

What Are Kettlebells?

Let’s just do a quick review in case you haven’t been to the gym in awhile. A kettlebell is a solid piece of exercise equipment shaped similar to a bell with an open handle at the top with which to carry or pick it up.  They vary in weight of course.  Even seasoned gym rats may find working with this odd tool a bit challenging at first.  One of the biggest aversions to a kettlebell workout is the feeling of lack of control of the weight.  This is usually due to poor grip strength and improper workout gloves.  Kettlebells are a great whole body workout because of the nature of most of the movements. Here is one of the best kettlebell exercises you can do.

Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift

  1. With your workout gloves on, begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart with the weight on the floor in front of you.
  2. Bend down and grasp the handles with both hands and return to an upright standing position.  This will be your starting point.
  3. The abs and butt should be tight, head and chest remain pointing forward.  Lower the kettlebell to the floor as you push your butt behind you.  Imagine you’re trying to sit on a chair.
  4. Concentrate on pushing through the heels as you return to your beginning upright position.

Kettlebell Workout Tips

  • The kettlebell should rotate naturally within your grip throughout the movement. Because GymPaws® original leather workout gloves are made from actual leather, they allow for this rotation.
  • With most kettlebell exercises it may feel like the weight is going to swing right out of your hands.  When moving a weight away from your center of gravity it is natural instinct to want to release your grip.  Similar to throwing a ball.
  • Starting with a lighter weight may help this sensation.  Also as the strength of your grip increases over time it will become easier to maintain control of the weight throughout the movement.