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Black Friday Workout Tips

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The holiday season is upon us and in America it begins with the day of feasting and overeating, otherwise known as Thanksgiving.  In 2015 most of us aren’t even waiting to finish our turkey day meal before we being hunting for those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  Before you head out to shop till you drop we’ve got a few Black Friday Workout Tips to consider to keep you on your game!

Drink Your Water!

After gorging on a huge holiday dinner, likely combined with alcohol and tons of salty snack, your body is going to be dehydrated.  If you’re a fitness fanatic or Crossfit bug you know what being dehyrated feels like.  You’re groggy and sluggish and maybe even a bit irritable.  Remember to drink lots of water and skip the sports drinks and juices.  While you may feel like slamming some caffiene to give you a jolt that’s the worst thing you can do because it dehydrates you even more!

Stretch It Out!

You probably spend a few hours traveling to your holiday destination and your body needs to get the blood and oxygen flowing.  While you may not have time to hit the gym for a full on Black Friday Workout, at least taking a few minutes to limber up will do you a world of good.

More Black Friday Workout Tips

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Black Friday Workout Tips

When In Doubt Work It Out

Some of you may indeed be diehard gym rats or weight lifting phenoms but 99% of you are likely not going to hit the gym or are concerned about your fitness routine on Black Friday.  Don’t let that stop you from getting your blood pumping and burning off at least a few of the thousands of calories you consumed.  A quick walk around the neighborhood is a much better option than plopping yourself down on the couch!


Anyone into weight lifting or bodybuilding knows that you’re muscle grow when they’re resting, not when their working.  Don’t over exert yourself this weekend or you’ll be paying for it next week when you get back into your fitness routine!