Swolemate Meaning and Defintiion

Who’s Your Swolemate

Who's Your Swolemate

Who's your swolemate?  Working out isn't easy.  You're supposed to sweat and strain and push yourself to exhaustion, that's the whole point.  While some people (including myself) prefer to hit the gym solo, studies have shown that having a workout or weightlifting buddy can help you adhere to your exercise and fitness routine.  The fitness hashtag swolemate has become popular because of that.  

Who's Your Swolemate

First lets make sure we understand the meaning or definition of swolemate.  It's a slang term used to describe the person with whom you workout.  They're your gym buddy or workout partner. They can be a significant other, friend, co-worker, or even a Personal Trainer. 

Find Your Swolemate

Hitting the gym can be tricky with your boyfriend or girlfriend however.  ACE (American Council on Exercise) found that exercise with a fitness professional such as a Personal Trainer will help you stay on track, but sometimes troubled relationships can work against your goals if you drag em to the gym. 

Swolemate Meaning and Defintiion

Participants were asked what it is they value most when they escape to the gym, and they indicated that it's a stress relief to step back from relationships issues or troubles at home. So if that's the case, who's your swolemate?

Definition of Swolemate

Having someone to lift weights with or sweat it out in the cardio room is probably the ideal situation.  The easiest way to find your true swolemate is to discover that person who shares the same goals as you do. Whether it's weightlifting or to lose weight, or maybe even train for a competition having someone to motivate you can make all the difference!

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