Ray Diaz 1st Phorm Reviews

Ray Diaz 1st Phorm Reviews

Ray Diaz is the hunk with junk in the trunk on season two of the George Lopez show on TVLand.  Clearly being shredded couldn't have hurt his changes at landing this role, but what kind of workout does this guy do to get those 6 pack abs and god like bodyfat percentage?  Judging by his Instagram account it looks like 1 phorm weight lifting supplements might be part of the equation. We're hoping GymPaws® workout gloves are too.  Here's the 411 on this guy. 

Ray Diaz Workout Gloves

Ray Diaz Workout Gloves

We caught a glimpse of this hunk on the 2017 season of George Lopez and immediately wondered what does a Ray Diaz workout look like?  At a height of 6' 1" this guy is packing some serious muscle which he clearly isn't afraid to show off.  We searched for a Wikipedia page on him but couldn't find anything, however we did find enough information online to give you an idea of what it takes to sculpt a physique like this. 

We checked out his latest YouTube video and discovered that he's a fan of a sweat busting Crossfit WOD and we saw him doing a bunch of cool Crossfit exercises and noticed him doing the Barbell Rollout. 

This video shows you exactly how the barbell rollout exercise is done, and it's definitely a great way to sculpt your chest.  This is also a good example of where a pair of GymPaws workout gloves would come in handy. Because they are not a full finger glove, there's no excess material or bulkiness to get in the way.  100% genuine leather palm eases hand fatigue while offering some Crossfit hand protection. 4 finger loops keep them in place and you don't have to worry about taking them on and off in between exercises so there's no interruption in your training. 

Ray Diaz 1st Phorm Reviews

1st Phorm Review Level 1

After a good session at the gym, what weight lifting supplements would you want to take?  Ray Diaz promotes (and we're assuming he uses) 1st Phorm products.  We wrote a couple of reviews years ago and answered the question of are 1st phorm products worth the money.  Based on what we found (and tested) they are!  The 1st phorm company was kind enough to send us 1stphorm Level 1 protein, 1stphorm Commander, 1st Phorm Ignition and a Bliss Go Pack to review.  Our most detailed review of Level 1 is right here for you to read: http://www.gympaws.com/reviews/weightlifting-supplements/1st-phorm-level-1-protein-review.

You can purchase 1st Phorm weight lifting supplements on Amazon http://amzn.to/2oPB1nf where you can also grab yourself a pair of GymPaws® Original Weight Lifting gripads. 

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Regardless of if your workout is a Crossfit WOD, includes the barbell rollout exercise, or if you are or are not using 1st Phorm weight lifting supplements, the key to getting a chiseled chest, 6 pack abs or massive biceps lies in the execution of your routine.  Just showing up at the gym isn't enough. You need to have a 24/7 commitment to obtaining your fitness goals.  Ask any personal trainer and they'll tell you that it's a lifestyle choice, not a weekend warrior hobby. 

Photos courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/raydiaz

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