What Is The Meaning Of Swole And Flexy

Swole And Flexy Definition

Browse through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts on any given day and you'll find a ton of annoying fitness hashtags.  Likely paired with an inspirational meme or gym selfie, sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to understand what some hashtags mean.  So what is the meaning of swole and flexy?  We'll break it down for you!

What Is An Exercise and Fitness Hashtag?

We all know that a hashtag is represented by the number symbol #, and it was originally meant to be a way to quickly group together similar themed posts on most social media platforms. Unfortunately like just about everything else on the internet, the original intention has become somewhat diluted.  Millions of gym goers like to post their weightlifting, Crossfit, or workout pics with a hashtag that represents either what they want to convey, or what they hope will draw more attention and followers to their posts.  The only problem with that strategy is that if you don't know what a fitness hashtag means, how will you even search for it in the first place?!


What Is The Meaning Of Swole And Flexy?

A couple of blog posts ago we gave you the definition of Swolemate.  You can read the post here http://www.gympaws.com/fitness/fit-guys/what-does-swole-mean-swole-swolemate. The #swoleandflexy definition isn't all that far off. Swolemate was inspired by the word soulmate.  It refers to a weightlifting or workout buddy.  Swole is a shortened version of the word swollen.  It's the pump or the swelling you may experience when you're working a specific muscle or muscle group during a workout.  For example, doing a couple of sets of biceps curls will pump up your biceps, making them look swole.  Swole and flexy is a kitschy way of saying someone is fit or swole, and flexible. Everyone has seen those roided out meathead bodybuilders at the gym.  Since most of them probably can't even stretch to touch their toes, they would definitely not be considered #swoleandflexy . 

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