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Gymrats listen up.  Let's say you have two goals this month for your workout plan, to build bigger biceps and to get your hands on a pair of the best gym gloves.  What are the odds that you will learn how to get both from one little blog post?!  Buy a lottery ticket my friend because you're pretty lucky today!  One of the best biceps exercises you can do is called 21's for Biceps and we have a video demo to show you right here!

Biceps Brachii 101

You may be getting ready to put on a the gun show this summer with a pair of massive arms, but in relation to the rest of your body, the biceps brachii is unfortunately one of the smaller muscle groups of the body.  The biceps fuction as one muscle group using a "two headed" muscle.  The outer part of the biceps is the longer of the two and the short head which is the portion closest to your chest is the shorter of the two.  Any exercise you do to build bigger biceps will engage both of the muscle heads simultaneously. 

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So what do a pair of weight lifting grips have to do with your workout to build bigger biceps?  Pay attention.  I don't care how huge their biceps are or how ripped and shredded they are, there is no one on earth that will convince me that gym gloves don't enhance grip.  Being able to grasp a weight is a fundamental component for any weight training exercise.  The more weight you can move, the harder you work the muscle, and the bigger it grows.  Therefore if you were able to life MORE weight or move the weight you're lifting for a longer period of time, it would be more than logical to assume you would see even more gains… right?

Girls Who Lift Are Hot

Workout gloves aren't just there to offer hand protection so you don't get calluses even though that's a huge plus.  They also serve to enhance your grips and ease hand fatigue.  If you combine this with a product that gives you the benefit of being compact like a lifting grip, but fits like a glove… you just hit the lottery twice today in one blog post!  GymPaws Original Weight Lifting Grips are made from genuine cowhide leather which means they will be durable and last longer than crappy rubber grip pads.  The four finger loops assure that they stay in place, and actually fit like a glove!

Okay so back to our exercise to build bigger biceps. 

You can read more detailed bullet points on how to properly execute the 21's For Biceps Exercise (and watch the video again) by checking out our previous post 21s for Biceps

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