Texting While Weightlifting

Best #GymFails and Fitness Goals

Texting While Weightlifting

I was killing some time in between training clients this morning, and I always get a kick outta checking out #gymfails on Instagram or Tumblr. The thing is while they may be funny, there's a sad truth behind them.  There are so many people that don't know what they're doing when it comes to weightlifting and working out, or they lack the self-discipline to actually reach their fitness goals. 

Best #gymfails and Fitness Goals

Funniest gym fails are really those that even someone who doesn't spend time in the gym would laugh at.  They're so ridiculous and absurd.  Like this guy.  As any personal fitness trainer or exercise instructor and they'll relate to this personally. This is the #1 reason their clients aren't reaching their fitness goals… it's not from lack of the trainer's expertise or motivation!

Then we have the chronic texter.  Just a couple years ago I remember telling clients no to bring their cell phones to the Crossfit box or in the weightlifting room or on the gym floor.  All they needed was their best gym gloves and a good attitude.  Now we use our phones in place of iPods and while our goal is just for music, we end up spending more time texting than working out. Major #gymfail.

Funniest Gym Fails

At any gym, on any workout floor, you're going to find that guy or girl who's obsessed with watching themselves in the mirror.  I call these guys #gymrats.  Their bodies look phenomenal most of the time, but THEY will be the first to tell you that. 

GymPaws #gymfails

#gymfail and fitness goals can be happy partners, but most of the time one is the cause of the other. 

Keep your GymPaws® (the best gym gloves) on, your cell phone for your music, and your focus on reaching your fitness goals!