crossfit hand tape, crossfit hand taping

Crossfit Hand Taping – Video Demo

Crossfit Hand Taping is one way to protect your hands during those grueling #wods!  Learn a little bit more about taping your hands for crossfit as well as some of the pros and cons and what this great video demo!

What is athletic tape?  Athletic tape or sports tape is usually made from an extra strong cotton/cloth material with a rubber based adhesive.  It’s very easy to find by searching any online retailer for “crossfit hand tape” or “athletic hand tape.”  It comes in standard sizes and 1 1/2 inches is the more popular.crossfit hand tape, crossfit hand taping

How to tape your hands for crossfit or pull ups:

1. Start with about a 16″ strip of athletic tape – adhesive site facing up.

2. Fold the tape almost in half, being careful to leave a bit of the adhesive backing showing.  You’ll use this to double it over on itself to make the strip wide enough and to create a finger loop.

3.  Now you’re going to double up the tape and fold it back on itself.  You end up with a strip that’s half the size you started with.

4. Carefully “open” the sandwich you just created and attached another piece of athletic tape to the interior of the tape, leaving a finger loop exposed at the top.

5. The reinforced hand tape is ready to tape to your wrists.   Slide the finger loop over your finger and pull the piece of cloth tape down past your wrist onto your forearm.

6. Secure your crossfit hand tape using additional tape around the wrists

It’s important when taping your hands for crossfit or pull ups that your hand not be rigid when applying, as it will cause it to be too tight when you grab the bar.  Remember when doing any bar work or pull ups, your hand is going to be in a bent position.

Is Hand Taping the Best Protection for Crossfit or Pull Ups?

Crossfit hand taping is really is a personal choice and depends on what you feel most comfortable with.  Lots of people ask if there is a difference between weight lifting gloves and crossfit gloves or other workout gloves – again the answer depends on what you’re using them for.  You can read a Crossfit Gloves Review here and learn about different options for hand protection.

Pros of Crossfit Hand Taping – If done properly, you can avoid tearing your hands with pull ups or bar work, and hopefully avoid developing thick calluses on your hands.

Cons of Taping Hands – The tape is fairly thin and may need to be reapplied.  You’re also not covering the entire palm of your hands and that exposed skin that experiences friction from the dumbbell or pull up bar is not protected.