Black Friday Exercise Tips

Black Friday Workout Tips – Exercises To Do on Turkey Day

Black Friday Exercise Tips

You're probably one of millions of Americans getting ready to overindulge on Thanksgiving. Tis the season to drink too much, eat more than ever, and have a thousand excuses not to get to the gym. It's certainly understandable that you're not going to miss valuable family time to sweat through a Crossfit class or pump it up at the gym for a ball busting weightlifting sesh, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything.  Here are our favorite Black Friday Workout Tips from ACE Certified Personal Trainer Riley Daye. It will help you find a good equipoise between over doing it, and at least doing something! 

What Is Black Friday Anyway?

The history of Black Friday is ambiguous at best and definitely open to debate.  If you want to be technical, it originated on September 24, 1869 to describe the crash of the US gold market.  It had nothing to do with exercise, fitness, retail, or shopping, and wasn't even close to Thanksgiving! It wasn't until the 1980's that retailers started to use it to describe the massive sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Why? Millions of retail brands and shops operated 'in the red" all year long, meaning they weren't turning a profit. The day after turkey day marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season and turned their profit margin from "in the red" to black… and that's why we have Black Friday. 

Black Friday Workout Tips

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GymPaws® Gym Gloves is one of the only manufacturers of fitness gear to be owned and operated by ACTUAL certified Personal Trainers and Exercise and Fitness professionals. We don't just produce products for profit, we make them for performance as well.  Because of that our gym / workout blog has garnered it's fair share of attention as well. We asked a few of our Personal Trainers to chime in, and this is what they suggested for some Black Friday Workout Tips. 

  1. Drink Water – From flying or traveling hours on end, to a burrage of alcoholic drinks and salty high sodium foods, your body is likely going to be dehydrated.  Water will also help aid digestion and help keep you from feeling groggy all weekend long. 
  2. Stretch – Thanksgiving isn't usually associated with exercise, and most likely you're going to be sedentary most of the time.  Get up and stretch. Even 10 minutes of stretching helps to draw oxygen rich blood into your muscles and releases toxins. 
  3. Talk it out as you walk it out – This holiday more than most others is about reconnecting with family and friends.  While you're discussing everything from your new weightlifting or Crossfit routine to the Presidential election, why not do it while you're taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood?  Keeping blood flowing keeps you from getting sleepy and from feeling energy deprived. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!