Do Not Buy A Used Tug Toner Online

Do Not Buy A Used Tug Toner Online

It's the holiday shopping season and you may be looking to buy a Tug Toner online but are you getting the real deal?  A tug toner is a great example of piece of exercise equipment that you'd use for dynamic resistance training. You don't need gym gloves or any specific exercise equipment either. So if you want to buy a tug toner online here's what you need to know. 

Do Not Buy A Used Tug Toner Online

So the first thing you need to know is that the Tug Toner is NOT a real product. While it seems like a cool product it actually originated from a Jimmy Kimmel skit that was as spoof of late night infomercails. 

Fitness Gift Ideas

Everyday millions of people search for where to buy a tug toner online, and sadly they are not going to find it.  What's even most discerning is ads you may come across suggesting that they have a used tug toner for sale! 

Fitness Gift Ideas Under $20

Is the Tug Toner a real product ?  The answer is NO.  Is GymPaws® a real product?  Of course it is! rated it 2017 Best Workout Gloves you can buy.  Maybe it's because we use only genuine cowhide leather, maybe it's the 4 finger loops that make them fit like a gym glove.  Regardless, it's a perfect alternative to traditional gym gloves and makes a great fitness gift idea!  You can get them on Amazon at or you can check out right here and use your Amazon account to check out as well as Paypal or a credit card. 


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